Phases of life

Which is the best phase of life?

Which is the best phase of life?


Childhood, teenage, adulthood and old age are the phases of a normal lifespan.

When you are in one phase other phases of life (future or past) seems to be more happening. This is because of basic nature of humans of not living in present and admiring more what they don’t have rather then what they have. We are less likely to focus on benefits that we have in the current phase of life and we focus on the benefits that we had in our past phases of life or can have in future phases of life.

We are in the childhood phase we thought of teenage or adulthood being more fun. When we became teenage we wished of being an adult as we can have all the freedom to make decisions. When we are adult we become stressed of our day to day life and responsibilities and think childhood or teenage being more happening phase of life and we wish to be a child or teenager again. While we reach old age, we have experience and knowledge but still, we think adulthood was better as there was no dependency on others for your own well being. Thus, we end up not living in any of the phases of life to its fullest as we were admiring other past or future phases of life while living current phase of life.

So let’s discuss and find an answer to this question that which phase of life is the best phase of life.

Childhood Phase:



In childhood, you have no responsibilities, no pressures and no worries about food, clothing, and shelter, the three basic need of humans. Also, you receive most pure love from family and friends during this phase of life. Your mistakes during this phase of life were considered innocence and were forgiven most of the time. Thus, childhood seems to be the best when you see childhood from an eye of an adult or old age human.

But, while you were in childhood you were not adult or old age human. You were a child with limited or no knowledge and experience. You were is the learning stage. As you have no life experiences, you are bound to obey your elders and listen to them. You have to attend school, have good grades and much more. While you were a child you wished to be a teenager or an adult as it seems to be more happening from a child’s point of view as you have more rights, freedom, and benefits as a teenager and adult than a child.



As a teenager, you have a vast ocean of possibility open for you to choose your path of life both personally and professionally. You can learn and find more about yourself, you have plenty of time to spend with friends and people you like to be with. You have no worries about money as still you are getting your pocket money and you have to manage only your own expenses in that. Also, you get more freedom than a child and more decision making power compared to a child.

But still you have to complete your college, get your degree, find your passion or path of life you want to perceive and this builds a lot of pressure on you. You are not forgiven for mistakes you do now as compared to your children because the impact of your mistake is more now. The teenage phase of life is the phase where most critical decision about life is taken. We choose our career, our path of life, our friend circle, our habits, and our behavior during this phase of life. Although it seems to be more admiring from a child, adult or old age human’s point of view but as a teenager, you only know the pressure you are in.



This phase of life is the most discussed phase of life and we spend most time of our lifespan in this phase of life. As an adult, you have to own many responsibilities and you have to be more mature. You have to earn money and be very conscious in making decisions and spending the money that you earn. You have all freedom but the responsibilities provided to you don’t allow to use those freedoms and benefits.

This phase seems to be more happening to a child, teenager and old age but as an adult, you know that this phase is the most energy consuming and stressed phase.

Old Age:

old age

This phase of life is considered to be less of life. In this phase old age people become more dependent on others for their emotions and daily livelihood. You have experiences of the other three phases with you while you reach this phase of life and that makes you a huge mine of learnings and suggestions.

You have much to share and much to advise but lesser people to listen as you are weak and less in energy. But you have got plenty of time and experience to utilize in the best way possible.

So, now after seeing all the phases of life, which one do you think is the best phase of life?

Childhood? Teenage? Adulthood? or Old age?

Well all the above phases must be having an appropriate proportion of votes and you all are right in your own way, but we will try to figure out the best phase of life in a general way.

So, it is not which phase of life is best it is how you see that phase of life makes it the best. For a person who always what to enjoy and not have responsibilities, childhood or teenage is the best phase of life. For someone who likes to take care of others, earn money, to bring a smile on others face by putting some efforts adulthood is best. And for someone who wants money and free time and doesn’t bother about being alone or being dependent on others old age is best.

happy all
“Life is in different stages.
Every stage of life is the foundation for the next stage of life.
Every stage of life must be fully-lived.”

We should learn to be happy and grateful for life in our current phase of life. As stated above all the phases of life have some benefits and some drawbacks but when you learn to be happy in the current phase of life the benefits are more and drawbacks become less. So as said earlier, none of the phases is best or worst, it is the perception or attitude that you have about that phase which makes it best or worst for you.


“Every stage of life is unique. At any age and stage of life, there are obstacles and opportunities, trials and triumphs. Never allow the negative bring to you to a sudden halt. Make the most of the positive opportunities and stay positive.”

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  • ***Every phase of life has a defferent things at any age so be positively ,
    Everthing can possible with human brain so dont worry about anything
    in your life
    And dont miss your valuable stage of your life and moments of your life.
    motivat your self at the any stage of life

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