Who you are? : Body or Soul

Who you are? : Body or Soul

Well, you will say you are both. Both body and soul is nothing but you.

But what if you have to choose either one of the both? Some of you will say body but won’t have proper reasoning or justification for it and some of you will say soul but again won’t have proper justification for it and remaining of you will declare the question itself to be incorrect or illogical.

Now, let’s see who are we? Are we body that we admire the most or we are the soul that we rarely think of or notice ourselves being a soul?

If you are a body, then you should possess everything else than a body and be able to change or leave it like you change your clothes, hairstyles, etc.

Because when you say you are your body and not soul then you own only your body. You can leave or give away everything else except your body in that case because you are your body. You should be able to change your soul too if you are a body and not soul.


But can it happen? Is body anything without a soul? Is body anything without consciousness? Body is just a mold or a structure of muscles, tissues, and bones that is a medium through which soul experiences all it can and all it wants. So thus we are not our body.

We are a soul. We are soul so we own everything else except our soul. So we can leave or give away anything but our soul at any given point in time and this includes our body too. For us as a soul, a body is just like a cloth that we have to wear for being visible and a physical living being in this world. We use the body to take actions and earn experiences in return to enrich our soul.


Then why can’t we change our body at our will? Well, you are a soul but you are a soul which is in illusion to be a body and have materialistic value. Thus, you have lost all your self-awareness and power by being trapped in this illusion. So until you know yourself completely as a soul, who you are, what you are and what power you possess, you won’t be able to give away your body at your own will. Till that point of awareness or enlightenment, you will be in this illusion and see yourself as a physical being (body).

body and soul

Now, if we are a soul and not the body then why should we take care of it? Or why should we value it?

As said earlier, your body is a medium for your soul to gain experiences in this world. You as a soul use body and it is the closest thing to you. As it makes experiencing and expressing possible for your soul, you should value your body and take care of it as a gratitude. Also, it is the only physical connection or medium existing between your soul and this world without which you cannot do anything. So it is your duty or responsibility to take care of your body.

body and soul

Here’s a proverb that describes the role of soul and body really well:

“Soul is the God and Body is the temple.”

So as the temple is always clean and taken care off as God resides there, so does your soul reside in your body and thus taking care of body too is necessary and vital.

For people, who don’t take care of their body are often seen having fatal diseases and health issue which keeps them away from enriching their soul as they are dealing with the pains of their body.
So you are a soul with your body being a medium for you to be physically connected to this world.

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