Decision making

How to make the right decisions?

How to make the right decisions?


A decision is a choice that we make about something after thinking or considering several possibilities.


Decisions are sometimes very small choices made and do not have much impact on our lives. But some decisions are very hard to make and have a great impact on our lives.

When we look back on our life we see it as a consequence of the decisions that we have made in various situations that life has put us into. So, making decisions is the most vital skill of our life and here we will try to put some points to enhance that skill.


right wrong

“There is no right or wrong decision. We take a decision and make it right or wrong”

The above statement must have put a question mark in your brain and you must be thinking that the above statement and our title of this article contradict each other. Our title suggests that this article is about making the right decision and that above statement says there is no such thing as right or wrong decision.

Well, have a look at the title, it says “MAKING right decision” and the statement above also states that “we MAKE a decision right or wrong decision”.


What is the difference between taking a decision and making a decision?

Decision Making

Taking a decision means to choose one option (after deep thinking about all the possible consequences/outcomes of the available choices) from all the available option as a solution to the situation that you are in currently. And making a decision means once you take a decision you have to channelize your efforts accordingly and bring out a positive or desired outcome from that decision thus making it right.

Many times people take a decision after deep thinking and lack in putting efforts and end up making it a wrong decision because they thought that just making the decision will do the thing, but it is the efforts that need after that which make it right or wrong for you.

For example, a teenage or young adult decides to start a startup business which indeed is a very good decision for his/her life. But when he/she faces the pressures and competition existing in the business they fail and thinking that they took a wrong decision of starting a business startup. What happened, in reality, is they took a good decision but lack of efforts and mental strength which caused the decision to result as wrong or incorrect for them.

So, in other words, taking a decision is a one-time activity while making decisions right or wrong is a long-term process.

Now let’s see how to make a right decision?


We consider or think about all the possible consequences of all the choices available to us while making a decision in certain problem or situation. But what we do not consider or think about is the efforts needed behind each of the available choices.

When we take a decision considering all the possible consequences of taking that decision along with the awareness of the efforts that are needed for the decision to turn into a success and we being willing to take those efforts will indeed result in you taking a right decision. When we take those efforts and we get the outcome that we desired for, will make the decision right for us.

Now, there is a difference between being aware of the efforts needed while taking a decision and performing the efforts in reality once the decision is made. Because many times people think a lot and act a little. And sometimes people encounter that more efforts are needed that they thought of while taking a decision and thus end up quitting.


Taking a decision with awareness of the efforts that are needed for the decision to turn into a success and you being willing to take those efforts is a more suitable way that affirms the decision to be right nearly 50 percent.

Remaining 50 percent is your actual efforts taken and the outcome received that makes the decision right for you. That’s why a decision is called decision making which is a continuous process that you have to put efforts in until the desired goal is achieved.

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