Does GOD exist?

Does GOD exist?


Does GOD exist? A million dollar question with no satisfying answer, isn’t it?

Well, here we will try to put some points in an attempt to answer the question.

As per our understanding and belief, God does exist but not in the form we believe. It exists in the form of cosmic power with no determined shape, structure or form. Solid, Liquid or gas or any other physical states humans ever knew or will know in the future cannot define God. We usually try to find God in temples, churches, mosques and alike places in some sculptures which we call holly.




But God is not a human-like being with cosmic power. He is cosmic power itself or we can say that cosmic power is nothing but god. We have given cosmic power a term called God. We are humans so we assume God to be human-like but just consider if animals imagine about god then they would imagine him like them, won’t they?




Also, we go place to place to do players, we go from one church to another, from one temple to another and ask what we needed thinking of at least one god will hear us and respond to our prayers. But isn’t that blind belief? God is one and only one. So whether we player at home or in some so-called holy place, the result depends on our belief and honesty and not the place where we pray.





Also, God doesn’t need sacrifices or some offerings in return to fulfill your prayers. He himself is everything so why will he ask for anything from you to fulfill your needs. As already said God is not human to ask for something in return of giving something or fulfilling something. He is God, the Almighty, who is everything and needs nothing.

We are so occupied with this belief that God is like us and will fulfill our prayers only if we give something in return as a symbol of gratitude for fulling our prayers.




But the highest level of gratitude is to feel it from the bottom of our heart and not just fake it by giving some flowers or candles or other offerings to god. God has not created or asked us to follow any rituals to get his blessings and kindness.

We discriminated ourselves in religions and castes, and claim that we are disciples of God and he has ordered us to protect his legacy and disciplines. God is almighty and everything and everywhere. He doesn’t need us to protect his existence or his legacy. He has just created us without any discrimination, it is us who have created castes and religions and bounded ourselves within some community and social followings.




We have lost our path. We were created by God (Almighty/Cosmic Power) to live, love and share all we can with each other and see his other creations. But instead, we have started protecting him, calling him by different names and doing evil deeds under his name.

We do not need any external means to connect ourselves with God and feel his power. God has given us everything within us, all means and methods to connect ourselves with him.

As God as a cosmic power exists, many people around the world have experienced his blessings and powers in some unexplained way. We have imagined him as a human so we see him in our dreams and imaginations as human but in reality, God is formless.



God is not a physical being to been seen, he can only be felt. And when our feelings become too strong we experience God in real, in physical form.

God does exist. He is almighty, immortal and eternal. We have just created his image in our minds as human-like being with cosmic power, but in reality, he is himself cosmic power without any form, structure or shape.


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