Life is a segment from B to D

Life is a segment from B to D


Life is a segment from B to D, i.e., from Birth to Death.



Isn’t that true? Our life is a continuous journey from Birth to Death. From the time we are born, each and every moment that we live after that drives us closure to our death, yet we fear death and doesn’t accept it as a reality.

But, when we say “Life is a segment from B to D“, aren’t we missing something in between? The letter that comes in between B and D is C.
Same applies to life. The thing that we do from our birth till death is making CHOICES (the C).

Thus, we can say that life is a segment from B to D and what we do on the journey from B to D is make C.



We make choices in every moment of life. Choices that we make are sometimes as small as choosing the movie to watch or choosing the time to wake up in the morning. While sometimes the choices that we have to make are quite big, vital and important for our life like choosing a life partner, choosing a career to pursue and many such choices that change the way of our life.

Every choice that we make have consequences associated with it which in turn affects our lives in a positive or negative way.

Making choices in an effective way is thus very crucial in our life. For finding out how to make the right choices (decisions), please check our post “HOW TO MAKE RIGHT DECISIONS?

Also, with choices comes CHANGES in our life and one who cannot adapt to those changes may face some difficulties to withstand the choice that he/she has made.




For example, when someone makes a choice about his/her career and later finds that it has changed his/her life in a way that he/she had not interpreted while making the choice and start failing in their chosen career path.

Another example can be stated as someone commits himself/herself in a relationship (makes a choice to be in a relationship) and as we all know with relationships comes changes in our personal and social life and if someone cannot adopt or withstand those changes, he/she either leaves the relationship or puts it into a very bad phase.

So, another meaning of “C” can be CHANCES also.




We also encounter CHANCES in our journey from B to D. Chances that give us an opportunity to make our life better in either physical or mental way. CHANCES do not come in our life as per our will. They come as per flow of life and we have to be wise enough to acknowledge them and make use of them.

So life being a segment from B to D we have multiple Cs that we have to make use of. These Cs are chances, choices, and changes.

For life to be a beautiful journey from B to D we should make choices, we should make use of chances that are provided to us and adapt to the changes as a consequence of the choices that we have made.

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