When a champion play he/she plays like they are in control of all aspects of the game. They play to only to win. They know when and what to do. When an underdog practices he/she practices it with their full soul and body. They practice very hard as they know nothing and they have nothing to lose or be egoistic of and leave the practice.



That is why when we play we should play like a champion who have whole control of his/her actions and knows what to do and when to do. And when we practice we should practice like an underdog with our full efforts. We should not be egoistic and practice partially.

If we practice like a champion we will practice very little as we will think we are a champion and doesn’t need to practice as we are aware or master of everything. Which will degrade our performance and will cause us to fall someday.




Also, if we play as an underdog, we will always keep doubting ourselves and never overcome our inner fears. We will keep feeling inferior and will never be able to unleash our true potential.

So, we should “PLAY Like a CHAMPION, TRAIN Like an UNDERDOG!


This applies to all areas of life and not only in sports. Playing doesn’t only mean playing sports or games, it also means performing and giving your efforts in anything.

So whenever we play, perform or put our efforts into anything, we should do it like a champion. A champion who is aware of everything and knows all he/she is doing and is ready to take responsibility for whatever comes as a consequence of his/her action. In this way, you will see that most of your actions result as per your desire.

Also, when we practice that is when we try to analysis ourselves, see where we are falling short or trying to sharpen our skills, we should do it as an underdog.




Doing practice like an underdog will help us to see our shortcoming in any area of life clearly and without any ego of being good or best at anything. In this way, we never fall short of energy needed to put in our efforts to sharpen ourselves in any area of life.

As an underdog, you do not have fear of losing anything as you do not have an ego of having something. You tend to put all your efforts just to sharpen yourself and your personality.

So the secret to never fall short of efforts while practicing or learning and be full of passion while playing or performing is to “PLAY Like a CHAMPION, TRAIN Like an UNDERDOG!


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