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Three H’s of Healthy Life

Three H’s of Healthy Life: Head, Heart, and Hands


Everyone desire of having a good and healthy life. A life where the mind is at peace and you are feeling satisfied.

Let us see today how we can try to achieve such life.

So for achieving a healthy life, we thought of three Hs viz., the Head, the Heart and the Hands that can be assisting us.


The Head




Here the HEAD we mean our vision, our thoughts, and our foresight. Our vision should be clear and should be measurable. Measurable in terms of time and efforts. We should be aware of our needs and plot our vision and thoughts accordingly.

Clear and measurable vision help us to align our efforts and resources to approach towards it.

Using the head you can plot the vision consciously, rationally and with deep analysis of all the possibilities. This way there is less probability of failure and making errors. Even if you make an error in execution process you remember the end goal or vision and continue your efforts towards it.

The Heart


The Heart refers to our understanding of our own vision. Plotting vision and being aware of the efforts is just the first step. Understanding the vision is what heart helps us to do and takes us more closure towards it. We cannot achieve or approach towards any target or goal without having the understanding of it.

Many times we have a clear vision but we fail to accept our vision from the heart, we have doubts in our heart and thus it causes us not to succeed in achieving our vision.

We have to accept it fully. Once we accept and understand our vision completely from the heart, it makes it easy to put in our efforts and use the available resources for achieving our vision.

Accepting or understanding our vision from the heart makes it possible for us to clear all the emotional doubts in our heart about our vision. Emotions play a very important role in drafting the efforts for our goal as they drive our energy and enthusiasm.



The hand is the third “H” for a healthy life and it refers to forwarding your vision to others. The hands here resemble serving others through your vision.

The HAND helps you to put your vision into action. It lets you use the skills you have in order to achieve your vision which is fully accepted and understood by your HEAD and HEART.

When you forward your vision to others which will broaden the horizons of your vision and have more possibilities of flourishing worldwide. Also, if your vision results in serving others and making society better in some way then it no longer becomes a vision of an individual it becomes a mission of many. A mission to serve others, a mission to become a beacon for others.

When you serve (HAND) others through your vision (HEAD and HEART) you experience a healthy life. A life with peace of mind and heart full of satisfaction.

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