Types of people in your life

Types of people in your life


We as a human being are considered as a social animal. We need people to talk, to share knowledge and to get connected with them emotionally or mentally. We like being socially known and praised.

Due to this, we interact with many people in our day to day life and many people become part of our lives in a unique way.

It thus becomes due important for us to understand the roles of these people and thus know the impact they have on our lives.

So let us see with which type of people we encounter in our lifespan and try to understand their roles in our life.

To illustrate the types of people in a better way, let us consider our lifespan as a big blossoming tree.



Based on this consideration, we have three types of people in our lifespan that we encounter with:

1) Leaves:

We meet people which are temporary in our life. These are the people like leaves of a tree. They seem to be very happening and prospering but yet they are temporary people in our life. They leave or fall from our life when the season changes just like leaves of a tree. They fall apart when a storm comes or when rain falls. They shed away when the situation is not favorable.



We need to identify these people in our lives and be ready for them to leave us anytime and should not be impacted by their loss as just like new leaves replace the old leaves, new people will replace them in our life as the old ones fall apart or shed away.

2) Branches:

People of this type are quite dangerous and hard to identify. They seem to be more reliable than the people who are like leaves, but when they are needed the most or when their support is required the most, they fall apart. People like branches are the people who stay with you by the time they are being favored. Once their work is done, they fall apart.



People like branches are hard to identify as they develop stop bond in our lives and seems to be lasting long or possibly forever in our life but when the time comes, in a certain storm or in certain hard time they fall apart.

We go through a huge impact on our life when people of this type fall apart because we thought them to be more reliable and wanted them to be with us for more span in our life. We suffer, but this suffering can be reduced if we are able to identify these people as early as possible and prepare ourselves for them to leave at any time just like the leaves.

3) Roots:

Roots are the reason why a tree withstands all the storms and seasons and yet blossom with glory. Same goes with the roots of our life. The people who are roots of our life are the most reliable and worthy ones. They never show their importance (sometimes they do, but it is worth noticing or giving them importance) or are not dependent on you giving importance to them.

They love you and support you for no self-benefits. We rarely admire these people and show gratitude towards them.



We should identify these roots of our life and should really appreciate their presence in our life. Because they are the reason why we stand still today. Whenever storms come, seasons changes or situation is not favorable, they are the ones who don’t fall apart or shed away.

They stick to us, they give us what is needed at that time and when the situation is back to normal they help us blossom too.



We should be able to identify and differentiate people in these three categories. When we do this, we will find that we were worried or running being leaves and branches, which we thought to be our roots. Whereas, the real roots are silently supporting us selflessly and without us noticing them.

We will be amazed to find out that very few people are the reason why we went through all the troubles till date and yet we were thinking of some leaves and branches to be our permanent companions of life.

We should then accept that as the people are leaves and branches, it is in their destiny to leave us at some point in time and does should have less impact on us.



While the roots should be the ones that should be taken care of the most.

Leaves will shed, branches will fall but roots, roots will stay and help a tree to stand strong as long as a tree lives.

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