What is Healing?

What is Healing?

Healing means “the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again“. It is getting back to normal physical or mental state or functioning from an abnormal physical or mental state or functioning.

Most of the time healing comes with the cure from medicines and therapies. But healing also involves mental stability and inner self-beliefs and thoughts to be balanced or favorable.

Many times due to unfavorable mental state or thoughts, the medicines or therapies that are being given do not show results as desired and the medical cure fails. Whereas it has also been observed that just with the right mindset, belief and thoughts and minimal medication patient cures with miracles.

Here, we will not talk about medical healing or physical healing. We will take a look at healing from a mental and psychological point of view.

What does healing really mean?

Does healing means ignoring things at mental state? Avoiding some situations? Avoiding people who caused that mental imbalance? Taking a vacation to be away from reminders of the problem?


While all that is stated above seems to be a healing procedure, but in long run, it is just a temporary relief from our state. We cannot ignore, avoid or run away from something for our whole life, someday we will face it in a more bigger and terrible way. And at that moment we will find that we are in the same mental state as before without any improvements or healing.


So what healing really is?

Healing is not getting over things or problems by running away or avoiding them, it is going through the problems and becoming more strong in the process. Healing is learning while going through the pain. Getting through problems, facing them rather than running away from them causes you to raise yourself to the next level of self-awareness and self-improvement.

Getting through this pain is not easy but if you do not go through it this time, it will be more difficult and may have bigger consequences next time.


Who knows to go through pain this time may save you a huge suffering for the future. So do not run away, do not avoid; cry, get deep into the pain but learn and grow.

It is well said that “The best way to escape a problem is to face it

So, face it, see how it makes you suffer, see how it impacts you, use your self-belief and courage to go through the pain that it is causing, learn and grow. When you are through all the pain and suffering caused by that problem, you find yourself stronger and ready for more problems and things in life.

Because life is not going to stop to throw stuff at you, painful and horrible stuff at you, but it is up to you whether to keep blaming life and stay in pain forever or rejoice the challenge and go through it and grow through it in the process.

So, healing is up to you. Heal it temporarily and someday it will become a septic. Or tolerate the pain, go through the process of solving the problem and when it is done, you will be grown in a stronger and more aware version of yourself.

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