Be a candle..!

Be a candle..!


What does this really mean? Or what it is to be a candle?

To know what being a candle is, please read our earlier blog post Life is a journey from Ice Cream to Candle.

We duly recommend you to have a look at it once.

Now we consider that you have read it and are ready to understand this blog post further.

So now you know what being a candle is.

Let’s now see why be a candle?

Being a candle gives you happiness that comes from selfless karma and serving others. It gives you satisfaction, fills you with peace of mind and helps you to grow your selfless side.


It makes people see you from a unique perspective and they admire your efforts.

Even if they don’t, while trying to turn yourself into candle you become so involved and peaceful that whether or not someone recognizes, appreciates or admire your efforts it doesn’t matter anymore.

Because you become a candle, you spread light all for the service towards others with no self-benefit or expectations.

What if you are not able to be a candle?

candle and mirror

It is possible, right? No everyone has the means, time and energy to serve others, to spread light.

Some lack financially, some lack of vision, some mentally unstable and some don’t have the energy to be a candle due to various reasons.

These are justified reasons. No matter how firmly or loudly we say that finance, physical or mental condition does matter, it does matter in real life.

If you cannot earn enough to support your family how can you think of supporting other?

But does it mean that you should stop your journey towards being a candle?

No, not at all.

For those who cannot be a candle, they can be a mirror who reflects the lights of others.

By being a mirror you reflect lights off others towards right direction where the darkness is heavy and the need is high.


You can spread good works, thoughts, and ideologies of other candles so that they can reach more people and conquer the darkness and give them some light.

By being a mirror you enhance and maximize the scope of other candles.

And for some people or ice creams, you become a real candle because you cast or reflect so much light which they have never seen or experienced.

So be a candle, be a mirror but start today because life is a journey from being an ice cream to be a candle.

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