Never Settle

Never settle…!!

Never settle…!!


While you learn to walk you stumble many times right? You fall, you get rashes and wounds but at last, you start walking. Same happens when you learn to ride a bicycle, bike and many such things or skills.

Why don’t we stay satisfied with walking? Why we further learn to ride a bicycle or bike?

It is because we can never settle.

Just observe or try to remember, which turns out to be a great day for you?


A day where you were calm, settled and satisfied or a day when you were furious, adventurous, learning something new, bringing a change in your life, achieved something.

I am sure many of you will choose the latter part of the above statement.

For those who still think the first outline of the calm, satisfied and settled day is better, please note that no day can be satisfying if you haven’t felt thrilled or amazed.

Also, it is guaranteed that a thrilled, adventurous and thoughtful day will always be satisfying and will bring peace to you.

While a day where you fill satisfied or settled just by remembering your old efforts or works, can bring a small happiness or calmness but cannot bring enthusiasm and energy to you.


Never being settled is in our human veins.


Never Settle

A person of certain status, type, category or awareness always tries to become better. He or she never stops to improve themselves because the day they stop improving themselves they won’t feel being alive anymore.

You go to work to earn money because earning money will make you feel better at social and family level.

You go to the gym to improve your physic. Even if no one else praises you for that, at least you yourself feel confident and better.

Now just imagine if a football team scores a goal and settles down as they think that it is enough for them and the opponent will not be able to score a goal against them.

This will not only show their lack of proper thinking but also it reduces their probability of winning with this mindset.

Why is it said that “you don’t win until the last minute of the game” or “it is not over until you think it is over” and many more?


It is because settling down makes you drop your weapons. The nature, form, and type of weapons changes as per your game or situation but the point is you drop your efforts.

You don’t put your energy in gaining more or become better but rather your waste your energy in parsing you half achievement or efforts.

And this applies not only in sports but in all areas of life. At work, at social life, at family everywhere.

Never Settle

Also, do remember just like everything there needs to be an awareness behind you not settling down for something. Not stopping and keep doing things without awareness, optimistic aim or target may never bring peace and satisfaction to you.

Also, many lose their path while putting efforts for their goal and keep doing things even if their goal is achieved. This also causes complications and problems in life.

For example, if your goal is to earn money in order to feed your family and keep them happy then you should not settle until it is achieved.

But once you make yourself capable enough to earn as much money as it is needed for your family to be happy, healthy and wise, you should be satisfied.


You should now direct your efforts somewhere else which will make you a better person and bring peace and harmony in your life.

If you do not direct your efforts after earning enough money, you will end up in the rat race and won’t feel satisfied until the last breath of your life.

Also, you may be able to give everything to your family materialistically but your family won’t be happy, healthy and wise just with it. They need your time, guidance and affection too.

Never Settle

Never settling is not putting efforts and doing things without awareness.

Never settling is all about putting continuous efforts until the desired goal or feat is achieved and further creating a new feat and working towards it with awareness of your goal and efforts.

Never settle for a being an employee when you can be an employer.

Never settle for being a good version of yourself when you can be better.

Never settle because you are here to be better than yesterday and ready for challenges of tomorrow.


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