How to approach your goal?

How to approach your goal?


What is a goal or aim or dream?


A goal or aim or dream (hereafter collectively termed as the goal) is something that a person desires to achieve for emotional or physical pleasure.

A goal can be materialistic, positional achievement or gains, emotional state or certain other desired fulfillment.

A person may have one or more goals in his/her life.

The person thus plans his/her actions to achieve the goal that he/she desires for. Many time people set a deadline or a limited timeline for them to achieve their desired goal.

They set their path and define their approach towards their goals in order to achieve them in the time period or deadline they have defined.

Even after so much planning, efforts, will and discipline many people to fail or fall short to achieve for what they desired for.

The reason why most people fail or fall short is their incorrect approach towards their goals.


How to approach your goal?


The biggest reality or truth of the world and life is uncertainty and change.

“Uncertainty is the only certainty”

“Change is the only constant”




We have a separate blog on life and how change plays role in it. We would recommend to read it once.

But when we plan or approach path towards our goals we become rigid. We refuse to change our path or try other available options. We freeze our mindset and diverge our thinking.

As we set a goal for ourselves it is certain that we will encounter obstacles and problems on our path towards our goal. But these obstacles and problems are uncertain and unpredictable both in terms of time and impact they can have.

So if the obstacle or problem itself is uncertain or ever-changing then how the solution or approach towards it can be same?

There is a different key for a different lock right?

That is what we lack in our approach or path towards our goal. We try to presume and predict all possibilities of our path or the approach towards our goal and then make our thinking fix and calculate our efforts and the timeline accordingly.

Where in reality neither the path nor the obstacles are certain. They are ever changing from person to person and situation to situation.


We should thus approach our goal with a flexible mind and broad thinking. We should be like a river, which changes its flow (path or thinking or approach) whenever an obstacle comes in its way but never deviates from its goal of reaching the sea or ocean.

Same should be our mindset. We should just fix the goal or aim in our life but the path or approach towards it should be decided or taken by us as per the situation or obstacle that comes as we proceed towards our goal.

You may face stone that you can overflow or overcome and you may also face mountains which cannot be overflow or overcome but you can pass through it by changing your flow or path but still not deviating from your goal. It may take more time or consume more of your efforts and energy but it will ensure your win and goal fulfillment.

We should be a river; facing obstacles, small or big; changing our path, direction, methods but never deviating from our goal and never stop flowing (never stop putting efforts).

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