Part 2: How to overcome overthinking?

Part 2: How to overcome overthinking?


Before you begin to read this post, please make sure you have read our previous post Part 1: How to overcome overthinking? that drafts the base for this post.

As you now know the difference between right, positive, wrong and negative thinking, let us see how knowing this difference helps us in overcoming overthinking.

The deal with knowing that your thinking is right or wrong is that it makes you aware and also makes you limit the efforts that you need to put in the thinking process thus preventing you to do overthinking.

It makes you aware about the extent of thinking that you should do in order to make a decision or to at least plan your action.




When you know that only thinking positively is not right thinking, you will not put efforts only in positive thinking and have some negative thoughts or thinking too about the situation or action. This will make you act in a more efficient way as you act with the awareness of possible positive and negative outcomes.

It makes you more reliable and realistic while dealing with a situation and making decisions.

So, overthinking can only be overcome through right thinking. As already mentioned right thinking can be both positive and negative in nature but as it is first defined as right thinking it is a more appropriate way of thinking.

Overthinking occurs when you think only positively or negatively. If you are not aware whether it is right or wrong thinking, you become aimless and thoughts become endless.

Thinking is a right way or doing right thinking with the awareness of the situation and limiting the efforts for thinking is the possible way for overcoming overthinking.




You thus first need to understand or become aware of the difference between right and wrong thinking. And this understanding will come only with observation and time.

You need to observe your thoughts and then define which one is right and wrong or which is a thought of a right thinker and which one is a thought of a wrong-thinker.

Ask questions to yourself about your thoughts that whether the thoughts that you are having are valid or invalid? Are they realistic or not? Does it add anything useful for you or not?

Once you are able to set the difference, try to define a limit for your thinking according to the situation. Try to control the thoughts in your mind. Try to create a switch for these thoughts that you can on or off anytime as per your will.

Understand, thoughts are nothing but voices. These voices become a problem when you start to identify yourself with these voices. When you feel these voices to be real. Overthinking or problem occurs when your mind works in autopilot mode.


Multiple Voices


Overthinking is a gossip between these voices of your mind and as like the real gossips, the gossip between voices of your own mind is useless and of no value.

These voices or thoughts are inside your mind and you can control it. You can tune, manipulate and make these voices or thoughts be favorable for you.

This power is too hard to gain and even harder to withhold it within yourself. But once you achieve it, you become captain of your own ship.

When you all this, you have a mind which is thoughtless and you see or feel or experience everything as they are and not by the manipulation of thoughts.

Just imagine the power you will possess, the control and the level of awareness you can achieve when you have a thoughtless mind. A mind that generates thoughts based on your will, a mind in your control, a mind in manual mode operated by you.

And this is the possible way not just to overcome overthinking but also to achieve full control, full operation of your brain. Make mind thoughtless.

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  • Hi Elsa,

    I certainly admire your question and the answer to it is I write only when I feel so. Sometimes I write multiple posts in a day and sometimes I write a single post in weeks or even months. I give myself enough space and time to observer and clear my thoughts about a topic.
    This has helped me to write more quality and helpful posts on this website.

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