How rich you are?

How rich you are?

Being rich is everyone’s dream. Many interpret richness in a financial manner and thus try to accommodate money and wealth.

People think being rich is the key to happiness and satisfaction, which is not at all true.

Here is a quote from Jim Carrey (Canadian-American actor, comedian, impressionist, screenwriter, musician, producer, and painter) which states the unworthiness of richness:

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

People today run in the rat race, try to be better than others and gain more wealth on the cost of their health and time. At the end when they achieve the richness or wealth they were desiring for, they still feel unhappy and dissatisfied.


We have seen many people who become rich and still are unhappy and dissatisfied. Soon they fall and perish.

So is being rich or trying to be rich incorrect?

No, not at all. But only thinking about wealth and money is incorrect. Money or wealth is just a means of having some materialistic pleasure to fulfill your needs and wants.

Measuring your richness in terms of money is incorrect.

You can survive with minimum or no money also if you have control over your needs and wants and if your wants and needs are too high (not in your control) then no wealth or money can fulfill your them.

It all depends on your perception and interpretation.

But do you know what real richness is?

“You can tell how rich you are by counting the things that money cannot buy”

Real richness in having things that money cannot buy.

When we say things it is certainly not limited to material assets, it refers to people’s, relation, emotions and skills that you have which cannot be brought by money.

Real richness is in the experiences that you have during your lifespan which money cannot buy or take away from you.

Real richness is in relations which are made with love, care, and understanding and are not depended on your financial status.

Real richness is in healthy body and mindset and not wealthy hospitals and narrow mindset.

Earn money just for fulfilling your needs and not to satisfy your wants because that will set you in a trap that will never let you be blissful and happy.


Have a healthy body; warm heart; express love and kindness; be polite; don’t run behind things, people or materials; be blissful and have various experiences in life.

And in the end, you will find yourself much richer and prosperous than many people around you who still are running behind money and materialistic happiness.

So when trying to analyze your richness try to think less of financial richness and focus more on spiritual and mental richness. Think more of experiences, peace and well being.

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