Life changing questions

Life changing questions


Life is precious and we are really very fortunate to have this wonderful life.

But for many people, if given a choice, they will like to change the lifestyle they are currently following or having.

Only a few people love their life and the lifestyle they have.

Today many people just exist and don’t love their life.

They have excuses for their current lifestyle. These excuses are responsibility, debts, urge for money and many more.

These people who just exist are found to be depressed and emotionally unstable.

They think they are not being appreciated, loved or recognized.

I don’t know whether they are correct or not but I have a simple question for all those people who just exist.

Question is: Why you should be appreciated, loved or recognized just for existing around us?


I may sound rude or arrogant to you but this is the harsh reality. Stop having pity on yourselves.

You do not need anyone sympathy, pity or care. You yourselves are very well sufficient enough for yourselves.

The day you stop pitying yourselves and start taking your own responsibility is the day you will stop existing and start living.

If you think about your own life, don’t you get scared even on the thought that your existence doesn’t matter to anyone. You are living a life that anyone can live. A simple and safe life.

Tomorrow if you die you will be full of regrets during your last breath.

I am sure no one wants a death with regrets in their hearts

I do not want to question anyone’s lifestyle or judge anyone’s living. All I want you all to ask yourself two simple questions:

Are you happy with your current life?
Are you just existing or you are living your life?

If you get NO as an answer for any or both of the questions then please ask this question further to yourself:

If tomorrow my parents are gone, my life partner is gone or cheats me (in short whatever is the responsibility you have or reasons of responsibility you have are gone), I lose all the money that I have then what is/are the thing(s) that I will like to do or will be doing?

(Please don’t answer yourself as you will be emotionally broken or will commit suicide if someone cheats you or you lose all your money.)

This is a very important question. Don’t rush for an answer immediately. Take time and the answer that you will get after deep thought is the thing or stuff you should do for living your own life.

one life

I asked some questions to myself and SILENT MOTIVATIONS is indeed the result of the answer that I got.

Responsibilities will keep changing with time, people will come and go, money will play its own game but life is one and time once gone won’t come back.

So live your life.

Your many commit mistakes, you may do some nasty things but if you learn and grow from them then it will be added in your experiences and lessons of life.

I hope this will bring a change in your life. Please comment and let us know what answer you got when you asked yourself the above questions.

We will be glad to hear from you.


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