The focus is not the answer

The focus is not the answer


Distraction is an evergreen obstacle for us.

What you do when you get distracted from your work or study or whatever you want to do?

Different people have different ways and strategies to deal with distraction but all aim towards one goal and that is to achieve focus in your task that you want to do.

You think the focus is the answer to distraction. Whenever you get distracted you try to be more focused towards your task.

Most of the time this doesn’t work and you feel anger and disgust about yourself.

But what if I tell you that focus is not the answer to distraction?

Yes, the focus is not the answer to distraction.


The focus is just concentration of your attention and not a remediation for your distraction.

Focus comes when you are not distracted but it is not something that will save you or not allow you to get distracted.

What is the answer to distraction?

The answer to distraction is the attraction.

I bet you, you will never feel distracted to a thing or task that you are really attracted towards. You will only feel distracted from it when a task or thing of more attraction comes in your way.

So, the weapon against distraction is the attraction.

How to use attraction against distraction?

We now know that focus is not the answer for distraction and attraction is our answer.

But how do we make use of it?

Whenever you feel distracted, try to create an attraction towards that task or towards results of that task and then you will find yourself doing that task with less or no distraction or in other words in a focused way.

Let us understand it with an example:

Consider you have a task that needs to be completed on priority but it is boring and thus you are getting distracted.

Now one way is to try to stay focused and there is less probability that you will efficiently complete that task.

Another way is to try to create an attraction toward that task. But in our consideration, the task is boring so how to create attraction towards a boring task?


Well then don’t create an attraction towards the task, create an attraction towards the results or outcomes of that task or towards the things that you will be able to do once the task is completed.

When you achieve to create attraction either towards the task or towards the results or outcomes of the task, you will find yourself less distracted and more focused.

Try above method in your studies, work, day to day activities and let us know in comments how it worked for you.

We are certain that it will definitely work for you.

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