Only Two real Directions

Only Two real Directions


As per wiki, a direction is “a course along which someone or something moves.

From childhood, we have been taught that there are four major directions, viz., North, South, East, and West.

Whenever someone asks us about directions, we use one of these known directions to answer them.

But what if I tell you that you are being fooled or being taught wrong about directions?

Yes. There are no such directions that we know since childhood.

These are just human created terms and nothing else.

We all know earth rotates along its own axis and also revolves around the sun in its orbit.



Thus, the directions which we call north or south, east or west today may be different tomorrow.

Scientists may not agree with this and I certainly won’t be able to prove this to them.

But think logically, who taught you north is north and south is south. What if you were taught that north is south and south is north in childhood.

You would have believed that right?

So, there are no definite directions as you knew till today.

These are just terms that are coined by our ancestors for ease of use and understanding.

Now, we have our title stating that there are only 2 directions.

Let’s see how there are only 2 real directions?

The two real directions are: Inward and Outward.

Inward Direction: Inward direction refers to things, emotions, and a whole world inside your body.


Outward Direction: Everything that is outside your body is outward in direction.


These two directions are the same for all living beings and their definition, parameters or meaning never changes for anyone.

Why knowing these directions is important?

Now, we have understood that there are only 2 real directions in this world.

The inward is what you should care about.

Everything that exists in the outward direction is not in your control. It will perish one day and you should not be attached to it. Be detached from the things in the outward direction.

Stuff going in outward direction should not affect your inner world. That is the effects of the outside world should never be inward.

And people who are not able to segregate these two directions are always in problems. They confuse between these two directions and let the outside world affect in the inward direction.


It is important to know these two directions so as to differentiate the causes and effects of things happening in both the directions.

If you have control and awareness about yourself, then nothing that is happening in the outward direction can affect you in the inward direction.

But anything that is changed or caused in inward direction definitely changes your behavior and presence in the outward direction.

Only you can control your inward health. When you say someone has done something wrong to you and that is affecting you, it is not true. You are letting it affect you and that is what is causing inward disturbances. No one can do anything to you in the inward direction.

People can affect you in outward but only you can willingly control its effect to penetrate inward or not.

Knowing that only these two directions are universal and only these directions are the ones that matter to us is an important thing.

Inward is what you can control and acquire, outward is what you should let go.

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