The GOOD Pain

The GOOD Pain


You must be thinking how can pain be good right?

Well, I guarantee you that after you finish reading this post, you too will certainly feel that the pain we are talking about is really good and how it is beneficial for you.

What is Pain?

Pain as per wiki is “Pain is a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli.

Pain is caused both physically and mentally. No one likes to have pain either physically or mentally.

Pain brings distress, sadness, makes you upset and set you apart from the world.

But today we are not going to talk about the pain that kills us.

Here, we will talk about good pain. The pain that makes us grow, the pain that takes us forward in our lives.

The GOOD Pain:

hard work

Good pain is the pain of hard work, the pain of your efforts, the pain of doing.

This pain will make you grow in your life. It will drive you towards your ambition.

The person who feels this pain and suffers through it achieves his/her goal.

He/she will have a sense of achievement, fulfillment, and meaning in his/her life.

This good pain is rarely appreciated or noticed but it is the cause of all the great people.

Those who do not have this pain or never suffered the pain of hard work are found suffering the worst pain of life, the pain of regret.

Regret eats the soul of a person and also stop him/her take action in present and thus impacting or destroying his/her future.


It is the worst pain that a person can have and it cannot be cured.

You can have only one of this pain and his choice is up to you that what pain you choose to suffer from.

Because life will not be always fair, grateful and blissful.

You have to go through pain and if you do not choose the right pains it will cost you the pain of regret.

no pain no gain

All the falls, all the setbacks, all the failures end up in the final pain of regret if you do not convert it into the reason for your efforts or hard work.

Choose wisely between the pain of doing and pain of regret.

It is up to you to choose between these two pain and the pain that you choose will lead you further towards its consequences.

Let us know in the comments which pain you choose and the reason for the same.


  • I agree with the article but let me say that all pain can be turned into good pain. The most painful things ever experienced can drive you to places that you’ll never have achieved before. And this is including how you put it the “pain that kills us”. Let me give an example of me because everyones different. One of my best friends died in my arms. I performed CPR on him while another friend called 911. I won’t get too much into the story or the back story but long story short the medics couldn’t save him. I knew but my friends didn’t and when we went to the hospital they broke the news to us. The mom hated us and said we’re not allowed to visit his urn or she’ll call the cops. Next week I was in EMT class. I told myself I’d be better than those medics. I became a medic and was top of the class every time because I turned my greatest pain into my greatest achievement. Hindsight I know how hard it is to bring someone back to life. But this is what still drives me to keep studying. This is a bad pain used and turned into motivation for me and I recycle it for extra motivation whenever I need it.

    • Hi,

      First of all, I would like to appreciate and congratulate you to be so brave to share this story of your life with us.
      I certainly agree with you that all the pain in the world can be transformed into the good pain.
      The post here just descries the difference between the good pain and leaves the choice up to you on execution of good pain of suffering of bad pain in future.
      Thank you for your time and efforts in writing this comment and sharing this incident with us.

      We are really glad that you were able to successfully transform your pain into a motivation.

      Again thank you so much..!!

      This encourages us readers and us too.

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