How to become fluent in speaking any new language?

How to become fluent in speaking ANY new language?


Learning a new language? Or thinking of learning a new language? Or you tried learning a new language but failed or gave up?

If your answer is yes for any of these questions then you are in the right place.

Most of us need to learn one or more languages (other than their mother tongue) in our lifespan. The need may be for schooling purpose, business requirement or some other personal need but many of us face this need for learning a new language.

Learning a new language has different stages or levels.

First, you need to understand the meaning of many of the words of the new language in your own language. That is, you have to understand the meaning of various vocabulary of that language.


Then, you need to understand the grammar of that language. Sentence structures and their construction, the framing of sentences, tenses and many more parts of grammar.

The above two stages or steps can be done through theory practice and learning.

But the last and most difficult stage is to become comfortable in the language and speak it fluently.

Many people take a lot of efforts and time to achieve this but I have a more effective way that will definitely work and is everlasting.

Start thinking in the new language:




Start thinking in the new language that you want to becoming comfortable in and speaking fluently.

When you start thinking in that language, the brain starts accepting and working in that language.

This is working or absorbing language at the most root level.

But before thinking in that language you first need to follow the two steps mentioned above and master grammar and vocabulary.

When you start thinking in a new language, your brain uses the information and knowledge that you have acquired by following first two steps.

You (your brain) are your own judge and that is why there is no fear or shame of being judged or criticized for incorrect speaking, pronunciation or vocabulary.

But you should notice your own mistakes and try to work on it. If you are unable to think about something or situation due to lack of words (vocabulary) then you should try to find the solution and over a period of time you will be better at it.


Once you start thinking you will see yourself improving and if implemented or practiced correctly you will see improvements literally every day.

If you still don’t believe in this method then I will present an example to you.

I myself am an example of this as I knew vocabulary and grammar of English language but for years I struggled to become conformable in English and also speak it fluently.

But when I came to know about this method, I implemented it as stated above and today I am comfortable and speaking English fluently.

All credit goes to this method.

Please try and let us know how it worked for you.

We will be pleased to hear your success and growth.

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