How to deal with boredom?

How to deal with boredom?


Boredom is a state of being or feeling bored. And feeling bored or being bored is feeling unhappy because something is not interesting or because you have nothing to do.

It is a very big excuse for today’s generation to set apart from a work or activity. But at the same time, it is a crucial problem for many people around the world as they feel bored at everything.


Why do we feel bored?

As already mentioned we feel bored because something is not interesting or because you have nothing to do.

So if we try to remediate this boredom then we should try to find something interesting or if we are mandated to do what we are feeling bored off then try to gain interest in what we are doing.

But think yourself, how many times does this works?

It works very rarely.

This is because we are not having an appropriate perspective on boredom.


We feel bored when we are doing something that is too easy or common to do. We feel bored when our work or challenge or task in our hand is not up to our skillset.

In other words, we feel bored when our skills are a level above the task or work we are doing.

Have a thought over it and I hope many of you will agree with the above statement.

You may have never felt bored in doing something that is challenging for you. A task which is not easy for you or is above your skillsets always makes you feel enthusiastic and thus keep up your involvement in it.

How to remediate or overcome boredom?

Now as we know the real cause of boredom, it becomes easy to remediate it.

Whenever you find yourself feeling bored about something just find something that is up to or above your skills.

This will make you put interest and focus on the task and thus you will not feel boredom.


Seems easy right? But it is not that easy to implement.

If you have been reading this post attentively, then below questions must have raised in your mind:

How to understand what is the level of your skills?

Which are the tasks that are above my skill set or seems challenging to me?

To understand your level of skillset, you need to see what skills you possess. Then, rate your level of expertise in respective skills like beginner, intermediate or expert. This will make you aware of your own capabilities.

Then, according to the skills that you possess and your level of expertise in it find the tasks that are very easy or less difficult to do and make a list of it.


You will observe most of the tasks you feel bored about fall in this list.

Then list out the tasks that are one level above your expertise in a particular skill. And then work on those tasks and become expert in it. You will observe that you do not feel boredom in performing these tasks.

Now a new question arises: What if you are an expert in some skills, then how to find a level above task that seems to be interesting?

The answer to this is “Learning never ends”

There is always something that you don’t know even if you are an expert in a skill.

But still, if you feel that you are at an expert level in a skill and have no further task to feel interested about then try to acquire a new skill that seems challenging to you.

Go for a skill that you are interested in learning or a skill that make you feel thrilled.

Hope, now you have a solution for boredom.

Still, have some questions? Comment them and we will try our best to provide an answer to it using our knowledge.


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