Your 4 wives/husbands

Your 4 wives/husbands


Yes, this is true. You certainly have 4 wives/husbands.

Don’t believe me yet? continue reading further and you will believe me.

Let me tell you a story to make you aware of your 4 wives/husbands.

There was a very rich entrepreneur who had 4 wives.


His fourth wife was very close to him. He used to fulfill all her wishes and desires. He used to give her all the clothes and accessories she needed or asked for. In short, all her wishes and desires were fulfilled instantly by him.


His third wife was very attractive and beautiful. The entrepreneur was very proud of her beauty. He used to take her everywhere with him just to show off her beauty. But he was very scared to lose her at the same time. He was surrounded by the fear that someone else may take her away from her.


The second wife was very mature, responsible, helpful and caring. She was there for the entrepreneur in all his good and bad times. Whenever he felt low or needed some help/advise he use to go to her and the second wife was always helpful.


Now, the first wife was very loyal and caring but the entrepreneur never gave her importance and was not fond of her. He took her for granted and never valued her. But still she was loyal and well-wisher of the entrepreneur.

One day the entrepreneur fall sick and even after multiple surgeries/treatments he didn’t recover. He realized that now the time has come for him to die. He felt really bad and was scared by the thought of being alone after death.

So, he thought of asking his wives to come with him as he was very responsible and caring for them.

sick man

He called his fourth wife and asked her to come with him (die with him). She just said “NO” and went away. The entrepreneur felt the void. He was shocked. His heart was broken and he felt really bad.

He then called his third wife who was very attractive and whom he was really proud of. He asked her the same question and the third wife said that her life is very good and happening. She had a good time with him but she cannot come with him. Once he dies she will live her life with others. She cannot come/die with him.

The entrepreneur was not able to say anything and she went. He was again hearted, broken and upset.

He called his second wife and told her that you have been always there for me and have been a true companion, will you help me this last time and come with me?

To this, the second wife said that she cannot help him this time. At most, she can take him till graveyard but not any further.

The entrepreneur had no further hopes. All his feelings, desires and attraction were lost.

While he was waiting for his death lying in his bed, his first wife came. She was also looking sick and pale. She said “I will always be with you no matter what happens and I will come with you

sick man

Hearing this the man felt guilty and ashamed. He cried and said to her that he should have taken care of her and should have been responsible and attentive towards her. But now it is too late and he regrets that.

Well, the truth is we all have these 4 wives/husbands in our life.


The fourth wife/husband is our BODY. We love our body a lot. We take care of it, give it attractive clothes, accessories and try to maintain its shape. It is our priority. But the truth is it will be gone one day.


Our third wife/husband is our WEALTH. It is our money and our status in society. We are proud of it and take it everywhere we go. We showcase it to other through our lifestyle and assets. But it will be gone to others once we die.

friends and family

The second wife/husband is our FAMILY AND FRIENDS. They guide us, they are always there for us. No matter how much they love us or care for us they can be with us only till the graveyard and cannot come any further with us.


Our first wife is our SOUL, our KARMA. Others will come and go but our soul, our karma, our good deeds will be with us for forever. It cannot leave us because it is us. But still, we rarely think of our first wife/husband.

We should have a good body and fulfill its needs but it is not the only thing that matters. Read our other blog post Who you are? : Body or Soul which explains this topic in more details.

We should also acquire wealth, money and fame but it should not become the cause of our life. It is just a means of living and not the living.

Family and friends are the ones who help us build ourselves. They love and care for us and we should love and care for them too but we should not just become obsessed or dependent on them. They cannot help us in everything or every aspect of life.

We should have all the first three wives/husbands but not at the cost of the first wife/husband.

We should keep our soul, our good karma also in our priority.


We should maintain our body, we should acquire wealth, we should have family and friends but we should have all these to enrich our soul and through good karma. Because our soul, our karma is the one that never leaves you even if you die.

Hope this post was value-adding to you and you must have now known all the wives/husbands you have and understood the importance and value each of them has in your life.

Comment below which wife/husband you give importance now and which wife/husband you wish to give your attention to soon and how?

We will be glad to hear from you and see you enrich yourself with the help of each other.


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