You see in others who you are inside

You see in others who you are inside


Let’s try to understand it with a story.

Once there was a wise man in a village. He was respected and treated well by everyone in the village.
Once there was a gathering in the village for some festival celebration.

The wise man thought of teaching a lesson to some of his fellow followers in the village. 

So he called two men. One was a good guy. He was very kind and helpful. People liked him and his words very of great value to the villagers. He was from an ordinary family within the village.


Second men was not a good guy. He was full of haterade and jealousy. Villagers never liked him but as he was from higher status family so they have to show respect to him. 

So the wise man asked both the men to roam around the gathering.

He asked the good guy to roam and find a person who is not good.

He asked the not so good guy to roam and find a person who is good. 

Both the men agreed and went to roam around the gathering.

Other villagers or the wise man’s followers were seeing this and had no clue about what is in the wise man’s mind. 

Both the men who were asked to roam returned. 

The good guy said “I roamed the whole gathering but was unable to find any person not so good than me. I saw everyone have some of the other good qualities that I do not possess in me. So as per my understanding and knowledge amongst all the people here I am the person who is not so good.

While the not so good guy said “I roamed and I found no person who is better or have some good qualities. I found one or more bad qualities in every person I saw in this gathering. I myself have more good qualities and abilities than the people in this gathering. So I conclude that I am the best guy in this whole gathering.

The followers and the other people who were observing this were surprised and shocked as one guy declared the gathering filled with good people while the other guy declared the same gathering filled with not so good people.

The wise man thanked both of them for their time and efforts and both the men left.

Then the wise man turned to his followers and the people who were observing this and were curious to find out why this whole activity was carried out.

The wise man said “We see in others what we are inside ourselves. Through this activity, this is what I wanted to establish and prove to you. The good guy who is kind and helpful to all is good and prosperous inside himself. So as he roams around the gathering he found no person with not so good behavior or qualities as his mind or intention is to see only good in people as he himself is good inside.


The wise man continued “While the other guy who is not so good and is cruel and selfish is also cruel and evil inside. So as he went around the same gathering as the good guy went, he saw all the bad qualities that others have in them as his nature is to see only the not so good qualities and behaviors in others.


This is what you are inside, have an impact on your perception and understanding about outside.

It affects your thinking, interpretation, and view about things, situations and other human beings.

With a good person inside, the gathering was filled with good people and with the not so good person inside, the same gathering was seen filled with not so good people.

Now analysis and find out which person resides in you and try to place the correct person and perspective inside you.

You do not need only a good guy’s perspective, you need to have the not so good guy’s perspective too.

In the real world, you have to maintain a balance between both of them and with this balance inside, you can win anything and everything outside.

Share your comments and let us know which person or perspective resides inside you and how you change it to maintain a balance inside yourself.

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