A kind gesture that saved a life

A kind gesture that saved a life

There was a factory manager who had a habit of inspecting his factory every day after the working hours are completed.


He used to roam in all sections, departments, and areas of his factory during his inspection all alone.

He had a habit of greeting everyone he meets during his inspection. As he used to inspect after the production hours are completed he use to meet very few people during his inspection.

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One day while he was on his inspection he got locked in one of the freezers in his factory.

As production hours were over there was no one in the factory and thus even after all his efforts no one knew he was there in the factory and he was locked in the freezer.

The factory manager thought that now there is no hope and he will die. He sat in a corner in the freezer and tried to keep himself warm. Slowly he was losing his conscious and he was feeling that death is near.

Suddenly, he heard that the door was opening. As he was not in his full conscious he was not able to see the person or even understanding what is happening to him.

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After some time when he was back in his fully conscious, he found himself in the hospital. He asked about how he was saved and how anyone came to know that he was locked.

The person who saved him was called. He was the security guard of the company who was on duty at the main gate of the company.

The manager thanked him and showed all his gratitude towards him for saving his life. But then he asked the security guard how he came to know that he was locked.


The security guard said, “You are one of the very few people in the company that greet us during the day. So I knew about your schedule and greeting habit. As today you didn’t come to greet us, I suspected that something is wrong. So I came searching for you. And this is how I found you and saved you.

This is how a simple kind gesture saved a life.

We often forget to be kind to others. We rarely notice the value or power of small kind gestures and acts. We are unaware of the impact that it has on others.

We should be kind to others regardless of their designation, financial status, religious, caste, color or creed. Even we should not be just kind to humans but we should be kind to other living beings too.

We are nothing but human first and to acts humanly is our due responsibility.


When we are kind and generous to others, kindness and generosity come to us in multiples and through unknown ways or sources.

Be kind to others because it doesn’t cost you anything but it still makes other person receiving or experiencing your kindness, very rich and prosperous. It makes the other person feel happy, valued and noticed.

Share your kind acts and such stories with us and we will surely be very happy to hear from you.

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