What is in your CUP?

What is in your CUP?

Once I was walking on the street and I was busy with my mobile as all the youngsters in this world.

Suddenly, I crashed into a guy. While he smiled, said sorry and went, I was irritated, angry and upset for the crash that happened.

Later when I was at my home and was thinking about this incident, I came to know that it was more of my mistake in the crash that happened than the other person. Still, he smiled and apologized. But why I was angry, irritated and upset for the same crash.

I want to share the answer that I got in this blog post.

The answer is that the irritation, anger, and frustration was filled in me, in my cup.

Confused? Let me explain this with an example.

When we have a cup of coffee or something else and it gets a slight push and the coffee or something else that we were having inside the cup spills out.


So the push caused the coffee that was filled in the cup to spill out. Cup had coffee so it spilled out. If it had anything else it would have spilled out.

Likewise, the world will always push us, test us and judge us. But it is up to us what we carried in our cups (inside ourselves) and the same will be spilled outside.

If you carry kindness, positivity, and peace inside yourself then the push that world gives you will spill out kindness, positivity, and peacefulness outside as you had nothing but these good qualities inside your cup.


You need Power, only when you want to do something harmful. Otherwise love is enough to get everything done.”

This will surprise the world as they have wanted you to be upset and in rage when they ill-treated you or gave you a push. But as you responded in a kind and positive manner, their motive was not achieved and rather you being upset and sad, they themselves got upset because of your positive and kind response.

While if you carry anger, rage, and envy inside yourself then the same will be spilled outside.

This will put you in difficult times as tempting you, making you do something against your conscious will, will be very easy.

They will just ill-treat you or hurt you and in anger or rage, you will act in a negative manner. And the people around will think you as a negative and ill-mannered person.

I am not saying to tolerate other people’s ill-treatment every time. All I am saying is you do not have to respond in a furious way to them. Just distance yourself from them and you will be at peace again.

Control your own actions and emotions. Don’t let other people have the power to stimulate your actions and emotions.

If you want to be angry, upset or furious be at your own will and for your own reasons, not because of other person’s actions or thoughts.


“If you are right there is no need to be angry, if you are wrong then you don’t have any right to be angry.”

So be careful and conscious about what you carry inside yourself, inside your cup because it is the same thing that you will spill outside when someone will push you or something will test you.

Fill your cup with good qualities and behavior and you will spill the same goodness out. Or fill your cup with envy, jealousy or disgrace and you will spill nothing but the same disgrace, envy, and jealousy to the outside world.


Share what you have in your cup? And what is your experience with the same when the world pushed you?


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