The most selfish one letter word

The most selfish one letter word – I


The first word in the list of 10 golden words is the most selfish one letter word – I.

The word “I” is the cause and creator of all selfish and evil desires and wishes.

It makes us put ourselves on priority over others at all costs.

It takes away our sense of understanding and differentiating between good and evil.

We want our own selfish desires to be fulfilled and achieved at all costs. If people get hurt or feel cheated does not matter for us as we are surrounded only by the word “I”. Where we are at most priority and power.

This “I” generates expectations. The expectation that everyone should act and execute as per your wish, as per your will and as per your likelihood.

And when it does not happen, it leads to dissatisfaction, anger, anxiety, and frustration which ends up you living an unworthy and disturbed life.

There is no problem in having expectations but having selfish expectation is the problem. The expectation should be realistic and fair. You cannot expect someone only to think about you as you do. Because they have their own life and own will.


This one letter word “I”, urges you to control others, but it does not work at all.

When you try to control others not only you lose the person to whom you were trying to control but you lose your peace, satisfaction, and comfort too.

What to do with this selfish one letter word “I”?


Avoid it.

Yes, avoid this selfish one letter word “I”. Avoiding it will lead you towards selflessness and wider horizons of life where the needs of the world are on priority and not your selfish desires and wishes.

How to avoid this selfish one letter word “I”?

You can avoid this “I” attitude by serving others. But giving to others what you want. When you start giving what you want, you start feeling free from all burdens and there seems no limit for your satisfaction and peace of mind and soul.

When you want love, respect, care or anything from others, you may or may not get it from them. But when you want to love others, respect others, care for others and do everything possible for you for the good of others, then no one can stop you.

When you want to take something you may or may not receive it but when you want to give something no one can stop you and you will definitely receive the satisfaction and peace of giving.


When you want more you will always remain unsatisfied and when you give you always remain satisfied.

Also, whatever you give to others (especially in spiritual and emotional terms), it will return to you in multiples. It may be good or bad the law applies to both.

This is the definite law of karma, “What goes around comes around.” But people have interpreted it only in a negative way and they fear karma, but karma also returns good if you have done good to others.

It does not differentiate between good or evil, it returns whatever you have done to others, good or evil.

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Hope this post has provided some valuable insights to you. Please share your views in the comments and together we will grow towards divine knowledge, satisfaction, and peacefulness.

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