The most satisfying two letter word.

The most satisfying two letter word.

The second word in the list of 10 golden words is the most satisfying two letter word – WE.


You may have it heard many times that when “I” is replaced by “WE” miracles happen.

Isn’t it true?

Doesn’t life become more easy and joyful with “WE”? Surely it does.

Whatever you want to do, whether you want to enjoy, go for a party, do some work, want to play or anything, when it is done with some additional people or person the enjoyment or the fulfillment of the task changes to whole new level.

Human is a social animal and this “WE” makes him/her to exist socially in more efficient way.

Teamwork, Sports, Decision making and likewise in all fields or horizons of life having “WE” is valuable.

The “WE” bring differences of opinions but it also brings different point of view towards same situation or issue which increases the possibility of better understanding of it and resolution of the same.

What to do with this satisfying two letter word “WE”?

Use it.

Yes, we should try to use it to its fullest.

Whenever and wherever we get opportunity to use the “WE” spirit, the spirit of togetherness and support, we should use it.

When you work alone there is burden of work, when you have someone or other people to share the work load it becomes enjoyment.


When you learn, if you learn alone there will be limitation of understanding and exploring. But when you learn with certain group of people and share and understand each other’s knowledge, your own knowledge level goes high.

When you are working with a team and you complete your work in time, always use the word “WE” to say “WE succeed” rather than “I succeed”.

The power of “WE” is unimaginable. We should make use of it and should experience the positive effects of the same.

Whenever you share knowledge, success or credit with other people, they admire your generosity and kindness. This is the power of “WE”.

we me

Without “WE” only “I” will be left and the consciences and effects of “I” are already discussed in another post.

You can find all the remaining golden keys of life here: 10 Golden Keys of Life.

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