The Most Poisonous 3 letter word

The Most Poisonous 3 letter word

The most poisonous 3 letter that challenges the “WE” spirit is the word “EGO”.

EGO sets you apart from everyone. We have already defined EGO and stated how different it is from the attitude in our other post Difference between Attitude and EGO.

Ego and Attitude

We duly recommend you to read the above post first before continuing to read this post as that will enhance your understanding and take away from this post.

When ego comes in relationships they break; when ego comes in religion riots and threats to livelihood arises; when ego comes in a person’s life, he/she becomes alone and disliked by others and when ego persists in your life, saying SORRY to someone becomes very hard.

Your EGO makes you put your “I” above everything and you feel like being superior or better than others.

EGO not just dominates your mind but it also removes or overshadows other emotions and feelings in your character.

You stop caring about other’s feelings, the impact of your actions on someone’s life and you act only too feed your ego. The hunger of ego is the hunger that can never be satisfied.

When the only motive of your life is to feed the hunger of your Ego you become the worst version you yourself ever possible.


An egoistic person can never have healthy relationships and meaningful conversations. He/She does not like any person who tries to make them aware of their ego and its impact and losses being caused.

What to do with this most poisonous 3 letter word “EGO”?

As mentioned above many conflicts in life exists because of EGO. It threatens the “WE” spirit and results in complexities of life.


We shall try to be polite, humble and grateful. We can transform our ego and learn to bend down and do things for others even if they do not favor us.

We should put the “WE” spirit above the “I” and thus transform our ego.

“Being right and showcasing it may server your ego but will cost you a relation. Being right and still being quite may not satisfy your ego but will save you a relation.”

The above lines are very true for maintaining a healthy relationship. It is not always the right to be right. We should be aware of when showcasing that we are right and when to be quite even if we are right just for the goodness of our relation.

Remember you are only a tiny particle in this vast universal ocean. With ego you are powerless and without ego, you have the power of politeness, kindness, gratitude and all human emotions that showcase love and care.

We should learn to forgive, let go and look for better relations than being right or wrong.

Even an experienced person can learn many things from a newbie if the ego is kept aside and even a newbie cannot learn anything if he is full of ego.

Ego makes a person fall from the sky. Ego limits our potential, knowledge and developing possibilities.

Be kind and generous and let go of your ego and transform it into a polite and humble behavior.

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