Life lesson by the giraffe.

Life lesson by the giraffe.

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The giraffe is one of the few wild animals that attract you more than fearing you.

They look beautiful and their long-long neck and legs make them the tallest living animal as today. And the patches/patter they have on their body magnifies their beauty.

giraffe beauty

What giraffe can teach us?

It can teach us one of the most important lessons in life. Continue reading the post to know more.

This lesson from the giraffe is related to how female giraffe treats her newborn baby.

Yes, female giraffe teaches a lesson to her newborn baby that we all should learn in our life as early as possible.

Let’s see what female giraffe teaches its newborn baby that we all should learn too.

When a female giraffe gives birth to her baby, she stands straight on the ground rather that laying down on the ground.

So, when the child comes out from the female giraffe’s womb, it falls down from a height of about 6-7 feet and bangs itself on the hard ground.

Just imagine the amount of shock the baby giraffe must be feeling when it falls down on the ground from a height of 6-7 feet and that too immediately after birth.

Now after some time, the female giraffe kicks her baby hard enough that it swings in the air and again bang hard on the ground.


What!! Why giraffe kicks its newly born baby?

You must now be thinking that why the female giraffe kicks her newly born baby.

You must also have judged and concluded that the female giraffe is cruel and has no motherly feeling for her newly born baby.

Let me tell you that your conclusion is incorrect.

You conclusion is incorrect because you have reached to your conclusion without have full knowledge or full view of the situation.

Continue to read the post and you will have the reason for why the female giraffe kicks her newly born baby and let me tell you that this same reason is the lesson that we need to learn from this animal.

running giraffe

So the female giraffe kicks her newly born baby and the baby swings in the air and hit the ground hard.

The baby is again in shock and not feeling his/her complete senses yet.

The mother giraffe continue to hit her newly born baby and it keeps falling and bearing the pain.

The baby then learns that the kicks are not going to stop and now he/she have to react to this and do something.

He/she tried to stand on his/her feet and falls again. Mother giraffe kicks him/her again.

This continues until the baby giraffe stands on the ground and starts walking first and then running.

And this whole walking and running of the newly born giraffe baby happens within a few hours of his/her birth.

Thanks to the kicks of the mother giraffe.

Mother giraffe kicks her newly born baby not out of fun or cruelty but out of necessity, love, care and affection that every mother have towards her child.

giraffe mother

The newly born baby of the giraffe is very weak and its flesh is very soft. It is a very obvious and easy food for all the animals higher in the food chain.

As mother giraffe has just suffered the labor of giving birth to a child she is also weak and tired.

If some animal attacks them she cannot save her child due to this weakness and thus her child which is born a few moments ago may be gone for forever.

The only solution that mother giraffe can think for this problem is that the baby giraffe learn to walk and run as soon as possible after its birth and thus under any situation of attack they both can be saved.

This is the only reason why the mother giraffe keeps kicking her newly born baby until he/she starts walking and running.

What can we learn from this?

Life is also like mother giraffe.

It knows that bad days will come and we need to be ready for them.

So life kicks us, give us lessons and falls, tried to make us stronger in order to be ready or at least possess the strength to pass through the tough times.

But it is completely up to us how we react to it and learn from it, just like the baby giraffe.

If we continue to stay down the kicks will keep hitting us and either we will fall prey to the kicks or to the animals (a bad situation, problems or tests) that may come to consume us.

If we choose to react, learn and stand, then we have a chance that we will survive. And not only survive but live life and bring something good out of it.


Life is not just this lesson but a lot more but it start with this. This very lesson of learning to stand and act in the situation of problem and hardship.

This lesson is taught to baby giraffe immediately after its birth and we humans must also learn this and implement this as soon as possible in our very own life.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post just as promised at the start of the post.

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