The most pleasing 5 letter word

The most pleasing 5 letter word

The fifth word in the list of 10 golden words is the most pleasing five letter word – SMILE.

Smile, it increases your face value. It increases your face value, not in terms of money or any asset but your smile shares positive vibes and hope.

It is very well said:

“The most beautiful jewellery/makeup/ornament a person can wear is a smile.”

beautiful smile

What to do with this most pleasing five letter word “SMILE”?

Keep it.

Once an artist was performing a comedy act and he received a huge appreciation from the audience during the performance.

He repeated the same performance for 4-5 times on stage and eventually the audience got bored of hearing the same jokes and started bullying the artist.

The artist stopped and stated a simple statement “When I repeat same jokes you don’t laugh again with the same intensity, then why do we feel sorrow and cry for the same problems and with same (sometimes more) intensity again and again.

The audience was stunned and there was still silence.

They understood what the artist really wanted to express and share. They appreciated the artist and his lesson by a huge round of applause and left the auditorium with a great life lesson.

Isn’t it true that when we can’t laugh at the same joke again and again then why do we feel sorrow and cry for the same problems and situations again and again.


The problem will come to you no matter whomsoever or whatever you are. The bigger your persona is the bigger your problem will be. It is up to you whether you choose to cry for the problems and get down or smile, find way out and rise.

We should keep smiling because it shows that we believe in ourselves and know that the bad times will be over soon.

Here is a thought, if applied in life, you will see miraculous transformations in it:

See worrying or bring stressed won’t change the situation. It will just keep eating up your energy and keep delaying your efforts needed in present.

Smile and let go of all the worry and stress. Believe in yourself that you will find a way and that the situation or problem is not stronger than you and your belief.

Here is a beautiful quote by Radhanath Swami, a guide, community builder, activist, and an acclaimed author:

“Do not take this material world so seriously because it is always changing. Something terrible that you take so seriously today is going to change tomorrow”

It is so true.

Just give it a thought, the things that you thought so seriously about 4-5 years ago now have changed and maybe don’t affect your life that much as compared to your thoughts.

We often give power to the problem by giving it our energy and faith.

Rather we should believe in the solution and put efforts toward the way out with a positive approach.

cute smile

Smile and only smile. Keep it on your face every time and you don’t know what miracles it may bring.

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