The fastest spreading 6 letter word

The fastest spreading 6-letter word

The sixth word in the list of 10 golden words is the fastest spreading six-letter word – GOSSIP.

Gossiping is a very old disease that makes false statements and rumors spread so fast and with so conviction that it is felt like reality.

No one tried to verify what they have heard or what they are communicating on the basis of the gossip. They just hear and speak the same with more drama added to it.

Gossips may cause a beautiful relationship to break and may even make them enemies for life.


Many times we have seen very beautiful and strong friendships breaking just on the basis of rumors and gossip.

When we have a problem with someone we rarely confront them directly and resolve the matter. Rather we start speaking about them behind their back and thus the gossips start.

The other person comes to know that you have said something about him/her. He/she also does not come to you, confront you, and ask you what the matter is. Rather he/she too starts gossiping about you and the loop continues.

Resulting in a beautiful and entertaining drama for others while a consuming drama for you and the other person.

What to do with this fastest-spreading 6-letter word?


Yes, ignore it.

When someone comes to you and wants to tell you something about someone else, in short, when someone wants to gossip with you, just ask them three questions and based on the answer decide whether or not to listen to them.

Three filters (questions) for GOSSIP:


Is it Good or Bad?

Ask the person whether whatever he/she wants to tell you, is good or bad?

That is whether it is of good intent or bad intent.

If the person answers Bad then you should not listen to his/her talk but still, you can ask him the next question.

If the person says it is something good then you may listen to him/her but still ask him the next question.

Is it true or false?

Ask the person whether whatever he/she is going to say, is true or not?

If it is true how can he/she prove it?

If the person says it is true and can prove it or provide a supporting reference then you can ask him the next question.

If the person says he/she is not sure or cannot claim the talk to be true then ask the person to be sure first and then say it to you.

Is it beneficial or not?

Whatever he/she is going to say, is it beneficial or not?

Does it add any value?

If it is not beneficial then what use it may cause you?

When you ask a person, who has come to you to gossip, these three questions, you get a clear answer that whether or not you should listen to them.

If either of the above question’s answers is negative then you should think again before listening to the person’s talks.

Most of the time you will find that passing the person’s talk through these three filters has saved you from many complexities and unwanted stress.

Because what good can gossip do to you? No good. It cannot be of any good to anyone.

When you hear gossip, you may be entertained at that moment but what you let in are negativity and insecurity.

You become insecure that maybe someone is gossiping about you too.

When someone gossips about you don’t gossip back about them.

Try to confront them politely and resolve the misunderstanding or issue.


But many times this is not possible because you do not know from where the gossip started or who said it.

So better ignore it, because if you react to it people will consider it to be true and the situation will become worse.

And don’t worry about the people and the gossip so much. Today they may gossip about you, tomorrow they will have new gossip and topic.

Here is a beautiful quote by Radhanath Swami, a guide, community builder, activist, and an acclaimed author:

“Do not take this material world so seriously because it is always changing. Something terrible that you take so seriously today is going to change tomorrow”

So ignore the gossip whether it is about you or others and you will feel peaceful and calm. Use the three filters for gossip and see how it helps you filter out unwanted talks and stress.

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