The burning 8 letter word

The burning 8 letter word

The eighth word in the list of 10 golden words is the burning eight letter word – JEALOUSY.

Jealousy is the hardest human emotion to deal with. It is very difficult to overcome it and to train our mind not to be jealous of anything. But it is not impossible.

Being free of this emotion or overpowering this emotion unlocks a peaceful and calm mindset for us.

What are we really jealous of?

We are jealous of as much as of everything that someone else has and we do not have it, may it be a toy, a specific type of automobile, gadgets, social status, and almost everything.

Jealousy takes away our peace of mind and calmness from within us. It makes us full of anger and rage.


It also makes our thinking corrupt and we end up radiating negative/ill vibration about the person or thing that we are jealous of.

And sometimes the jealous rises to such an extent that we wish something bad happen to a person or thing that we are jealous of.

We think, feel and accept in our subconscious that this is the only way out of jealousy.

In the modern world, jealousy has caused consequences that have impacts on a huge scale.

Right from childhood till the very old age we rarely acknowledge this feeling as our enemy and try to get rid of it.

We try to ignore it but ignore it makes it’s more firm and tough to deal with.

What to do with this burning 8 letter word?

Distance from it.

You may be thinking that it’s easy to say and hard to do.

I agree and that is the reason we together will try to find a concrete way to distance from jealousy.

Let’s try to figure the solution out step by step.

What is the root cause of jealousy?

The root cause of jealousy is the comparison.

We compare everything and everyone with everything else and everyone else.

This habit of comparing is deep-rooted in our personalities and is the only cause of jealousy.

When a person achieves something we compare his/her achievement with others and then we start judging it.


If the achievement is greater than that of others then we appreciate it from above but within ourselves, we feel envy and jealousy. We may fail to accept it but whether we accept it or not it does exist.

And if there exist any achievement that is greater than the achievement of that person, we feel happy. We explicitly make a statement to that person that your achievement is good but try for achieving better than this.

Where in reality we feel relief that his/her achievement is not so great.

We may own 3 cars but when our neighbor or some poor relative buys one car we feel jealous.

We feel jealous about their growth. We do not celebrate our own status and growth but we rather feel jealous and envy about others growth.

Why do we compare?

We compare because we have low self-esteem.

We never focus on our skills and achievements but we rather compare ourselves with others and try to conclude whether we are better than them or not.


Sometimes even if we are better in the comparison still we feel the same jealousy because we can’t see other being better as we fear that maybe someday they will become better than us and nay ho beyond us.

This thinking band thought the process is only because of the lack of self-awareness and the lack of self-fulfillment.

We have already written a post regarding self-awareness and where to start it. We would recommend you to read it once: Where to start Self-awareness?

We compare so that we get a feeling of being better than others. But sometimes (rather a majority of the time) we compare and find ourselves to be inferior to someone and thus we start feeling envy and jealous about that person.

Where in reality that person has said nothing to us nor he/she has tried to prove or showcase his/her greatness or superiority to us but just because we compared and found him/her to be good at something than us we create all these ill feelings and thoughts.

All this happened in our imagination but the resulting thoughts make us take actions in reality.

When we compare ourselves with others we develop a feeling of inferiority or superiority for them. This results in a change in our behavior towards them.

How to distance ourselves from jealousy?

The only way to distance ourselves from jealousy is to stop comparing.

Stop comparing ourselves, our achievements with others. Stop trying to become better than others or prove to someone that you are better than him/her.

distance away

And how the comparison will stop is through self-awareness and self-analysis.

Only when you know who you are, what are your skills and strengths, you will start becoming self-aware.

When you become self-aware you understand and everyone has different qualities and different purpose of life. You will understand that your and others achievements or skills may be of same type or domain but their magnitude and fulfillment will always be different.

You have a different life than others and there is nothing in common. So whatever you achieve, your own and you are good at are for your own good and prosperity.

What others have is for their own good and prosperity.

We should not compare and we will not become better by comparison.

So become self-aware and self contend because this is the only way to distance from this most burning 8 letter word jealousy.

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