power of knowledge

The most powerful 9 letter word

The most powerful 9 letter word

The ninth word in the list of 10 golden words is the most powerful nine letter word – KNOWLEDGE.

Knowledge is key to success, knowledge is base for everything that we claim to know.

Without knowledge, we are blank CDs, that is good for nothing. Without knowledge, we cannot achieve anything.

A person who has knowledge can always overpower a person who only has physical strengths.

power of knowledge

There is a very common yet famous proverb in Hindi:

अकल बड़ी या भैंस

Which translates in English as:

Brains large or buffalo

This proverb tries to state that Knowledge predominates over mere strength.

It has been proven over and over again that the power of knowledge always overpowers that physical strength. Many scholars have won a war, argument, discussion, benefits just with the use of the power of knowledge even if they were not so strong physically or were less in numbers than their opposition.

power of knowledge

So it is termed as that knowledge is the most powerful.

What to do with the most powerful nine letter word?

Acquire it.

There are two types of knowledge: Para Vidya (पराविद्या) and Apara Vidya (अपराविद्या).

As per wiki Para Vidya is – higher learning or learning related to the Self or the Ultimate Truth i.e. transcendental knowledge.

And Apara Vidya is – lower learning or learning related to material or all scientific and ethical inquiries i.e. materialistic knowledge.

In simple terms Para Vidya is the knowledge about oneself. It is the knowledge that makes us aware about the realities of life. It makes us capable to make a life.

Self Awareness, Meditation

While Apara Vidya is the knowledge that we gain in our schools and colleges. This knowledge makes us aware about the laws and rules of this world. It makes us capable to make a living.

There is a big difference in making a living and making a life.

Even a hawker is well aware of how to make a living so the quality of apara Vidya just makes a difference is the social and economic status of our living in this material world.

But when we have para Vidya or the transcendental knowledge we start to make a life. A happy, peaceful and a meaningful life.

But knowledge is a combination of both these types and thus to have a powerful knowledge or to acquire the power of the knowledge we should have both the para and apara Vidya.

We should go to schools and colleges to acquire apara Vidya but we should also ready personality development books, listen to some of the great personalities and try to explore and learn about our own soul and body, i.e., para Vidya.

power of knowledge

When we acquire both of these knowledge, we possess the power of the knowledge itself.

With the combination of these two knowledge, we can achieve unstoppable growth and success in both materialistic and transcendental world.

Don’t allow any excuses to stop you from pursuing this knowledge, because excuses won’t make you anything, only the knowledge that you acquire will make you something.

We have already published a post regarding how to deal with the habit of finding an excuse. We would recommend you to read it once.

Get the knowledge that is need for both making a living and making a life and a true acquirer of these two knowledge have power superior to anything.

And you will find that once a person acquire both the knowledge, he do not have any ego, pride and negative characteristic because of the superiority of his knowledge, Because the first thing that the para Vidya brings into a human is humbleness, politeness and gratitude.


Acquire both of these knowledge, from schools, colleges, books, lectures, blogs like us and just see how unstoppable you become.

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