10 Golden Keys of life

10 Golden Keys of life

Life is precious and it is the gift that only can be received by us. But we still fall short to value this gift and understand its preciousness.

We born, we live (rather we only exist) through it and one day we leave this material world.

But we still fail to find true meaning and understanding about this life given to us. We run in the rat race, we win, we lose but we still run until either our body is incapable of running further or our time is over in this world.

you win you lose

But what we really achieve in this race? It is nothing. Rather we lose our peace of mind, our stability, we expect others to please us and make us happy where they too are suffering and running the same race.

All this is an infinite loop and thus cannot be ended until and unless we break out of it.

To break out of it we have to understand the meaning and purpose of life and it all beings with the journey towards self-awareness.

Let’s start this journey through the 10 golden keys of life. These 10 golden keys of life are nothing but 10 golden words and what should we do with them.

When we use these keys, new doors of peace and prosperity will open for us. We can see that the complexity of life vanishes and we are more transparent and peaceful being.


We have a separate and briefer post published for each golden key and the links to each post are available while the keys are described here in short.

This is just a collection of all the keys in a single post so that it is easy for all of us to find all the keys and the links to their brief explanation at one place.

10 golden keys (words) of life:

The most selfish 1 letter word: I


The first word in the list of 10 golden keys of life is the most selfish one letter word – I.

“I” bring ego, pride and selfish character in us. We think and try to please no one but ourselves.

We don’t bother about the harm or pain that we are causing to other while we try to give all pleasures and happiness to ourselves. When we want everything for ourselves, we are overpowered by this selfish word “I”.

We should AVOID this “I”. We should replace this “I” with the most satisfying two-letter word. How to do it and how to get rid of this “I” attitude is described in our separate post that deals with this selfish word: The most selfish 1 letter word

The most satisfying 2 letter word: WE


As “I” showcase the egoistic and selfish side on one’s character it can easily be overcome by the “WE” spirit. When we replace “I” with “WE”, all the negative vibrations are gone.

Everyone around us feels as being a part of the decision or efforts and also admires this “WE” spirit.

We should always USE this WE spirit and try to always put “WE” before “I” if we really want to be a team player and a leader.

Also, the “WE” spirit makes our relationship more strong that indeed makes ourselves more happy and peaceful.

The benefits and goodness of “WE” spirit is further explained in our separate post: The most satisfying 2 letter word

The most poisonous 3 letter word: EGO


EGO” is the most poisonous word. When it comes into our character our thinking becomes corrupt and only self-oriented.

We are so filled with the ego that we don’t even recognize the harm we are doing to our life. All our relations start falling apart and people around us start disliking us. We bring negative vibes with us wherever we go.

We should TRANSFORM this poisonous word into the most used four letter word.

You can find more about how to deal with ego and transform it, in our post: The most poisonous 3 letter word

The most used 4 letter word: LOVE


LOVE is the most amazing human emotions that every human drive for. Love makes us feel special and complete. It shares a warm of care and selflessness.

It is the most used word in today’s modern world and thus its value has started depleting in our lives.

We have seen that many people say that they love us but in bad times they leave us and showcase exactly the opposite of love. Thus we should VALUE the LOVE.

We should not just use it anywhere. We should use this word LOVE only where we truly feel it and can value it by proving our love in all situations.
Know how to value love and experience it’s warmth in our separate post here: The most used 4 letter word

The most pleasing 5 letter word: SMILE

“SMILE is the best medicine”


We all must have heard of this proverb. It has been scientifically proven that a person who smiles/laughs is healthier than a person who doesn’t.

Laughing or smiling brings positive vibes in each atom of our body. Also, sometimes a smile from a stranger gives us a pleasing feeling that we were struggling to have since months.

So sharing the smile with others is a good habit and a nice gesture to greet and meet people. We should KEEP smile on our face and it will bring positive vibes around us.

Find more about SMILE and how to KEEP it in our separate post here: The most pleasing 5 letter word

The fastest spreading 6 letter word: GOSSIP


Gossiping is a disease that has made everyone insecure and dishonest.

People like gossiping and it is their favorite time pass activity.

Also, sometimes the gossip takes so dramatic turns that the rumors or things that are being shared and gossiped around affects someone in the most awful and painful way imaginable.

It is not good to gossip both for ourselves and others, because the person who is gossiping with you may also gossip about you and this creates distrust and dishonesty.

We should IGNORE listening to gossip. We should not entertain any gossip about others and about us.

Gossip doesn’t deserve our energy and the people who believe in those gossip doesn’t deserve our time.

We should pass any gossip through three filters. You can find more about the three filters and how to ignore gossip here: The fastest spreading 6 letter word

The most hardworking 7 letter word: SUCCESS

Hard work

Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone have their own definition of success but every success needs hard work and that is the reason it is the most hardworking 7 letter word.

We need to put in all our energy, efforts and will in order to achieve our success.

We should ACHIEVE our success through dedication, consistency, and determination.

There are various factors that take us towards our success and we need to master all of them in order to be called successful.

Also, success does not just mean achieving something or social position in life, success also means to be happy from within while we drive for success or become successful.

Success, factors affecting it and what success really mean is briefed by us here: The most hardworking 7 letter word

The burning 8 letter word: JEALOUSY


Jealousy causes instability in our character and also in our relationships. It brings out the negative and evil side of ourselves if not controlled or take care at right time.

We are jealous of many things but because of only one reason and the reason is the comparison. The comparison is the root cause of jealousy.

We should DISTANCE ourselves from jealousy as it is of no good but only harmful to our and our relationships.

The only way to distance from jealousy is through self-awareness and self-love.

The ways to stop comparing and being self-aware can be found here: The burning 8 letter word

The most powerful 9 letter word: KNOWLEDGE

power of knowledge

Knowledge is what makes us different from other living beings on the mother Earth. Other living beings have knowledge but it is limited to their own kind.

We as human being we have the choice and convenience to have knowledge of the whole universe and use it to our will.

We should ACQUIRE knowledge and with it, we can do miracles in this material world. But knowledge is not just limited to this word, there is knowledge of the inner world also.

The knowledge of the inner world, our own body, and soul is also as important as the knowledge of the outer world.

Knowledge, its types and its power is explained briefly here: The most powerful 9 letter word

The most divine 10 letter word: CONNECTION


Connections are the most important part of human life. Humans as being a social being cannot exist without connections. Also, connections make us feel like a part of a community and social group.

We should try to PURSUE connections in our life so that they can give us experiences. Connections also make it possible for us to meet and bond with people.

Also, everything in this universe is connected with each other and this connection is the reason for the existence of all the living life.

Know how we all are connected and how to pursue this connection here: The most divine 10 letter word

In summary:


Share these keys with your friends and family so that they too become aware of these 10 golden keys of life through you.

Let us know what changes these 10 golden keys of life brought in your life when used and implemented correctly.

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