The power of one minute

The power of one minute

Do you like taking breaks?

Are you one of those who likes to set apart from daily routine every now and then?

Whenever you work continuously and suddenly you take a break of 5-10 minutes, it feels so relaxing right?

A break of 5-10 minutes which is nothing on a normal day but on a busy day it is very important to us.

Likewise, a break from hustle and bustle of work life, a break from daily routine, a break from something that is consuming us is very divine and blissful.

But what if the same pleasure and blissful can be experienced daily?

What if you can get rid of all your negativity and pain?

Also, you may have encountered this problem that you decided to do something good, something different in the morning but during the course of the day, you lose track of it. And when you suddenly remembered about it, all your day is gone and you do self-blaming and self-criticism.


This happens when you decide to inculcate a good habit, a good routine when you decide to get out of your comfort zone or when you decide to get rid of a bad habit.

This habit of procrastination, not defining priorities to tasks with awareness, not being firm on your decision to become a better version of yourself can be overcome by the power of one minute.

It will do miracles for you and help you get rid of all negative thinking, bad habits or any kind of toxicity in and around you.

The power of one minute

The Power of one minute

The power of one minute is a simple habit where you set an alarm or a reminder that triggers every hour.

When the alarm or reminder rings, just stop whatever you are doing and repeat a phrase.

This phase can be something that you prepare daily or only once at the start of the habit. It can be as generalized as you want or as specific to your desires as you want.


Some examples of phrases are:

“I am a powerful and peaceful soul.
I take responsibility for all my thoughts and actions.
No one but only I control my own thoughts and actions and thus have power over them.”

“I am a powerful soul and I can do anything.
I will get rid of smoking as I have control over it.
I am not going to lose or fail to a bad habit.”

“I am a peaceful soul and I decide not to get angry with my full conscious and awareness.
I decide to remain peaceful and let go all the hurt.”

“I am a peaceful soul and I treat everyone with respect and dignity.
As I treat them they too treat me the same way.
I am good with all and all are good with me.”

I will suggest, you include the statement “I am a powerful and peaceful soul” in your own phrase and add further your desired actions in the phrase.

Phases like this will help you be accountable and aware of what you decided to do and achieve.

This will remain as a continuous reminder and will keep you away from procrastination and finding excuses.

When the alarm or reminder triggers just repeat this phrase for one minute and return back to your work or task that you were doing.

alarm clock

When you will practice this habit, you will notice that you start working towards the fulfillment of your phrase.

When you repeat this phrase over and over again, your subconscious brain starts to accept it and starts to respond to it by trying to bring it into reality through your own thoughts and actions.

Also, this acts as a break for you from the task or work that you were doing and thus when you return back to continue the same work or task after the 1-minute break, you perform with more energy and enthusiasm.

This helps in keeping you aware of your decided goals and keeps you away from distraction.

This will take a minute from an hour of your life but will add 59 minutes of liveliness (awareness and consciousness) to an hour of your life.

The choice is all yours and if you chose to practice this habit then all the benefits are yours.


Let us know your experiences after practicing this habit in the comments section.

I will be glad as always to hear from you.

Thank you for reading and be a silent motivator for someone.

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