7 wonders of life

7 wonders of life

Life itself is a wonder and it is the most precious gift that each and every one of us has received.

But there are certain things, relations and people in our life without which this wonderful life is incomplete.

I will try to put forth 7 wonders of life according to me without which my life is incomplete.

I think you will resemble to these wonders and I hope you too cherish these wonders.

By wonder, I mean people and relations which are the most important ones for us.

Because it is a universal truth that nothing but good relations makes us happy. Not money, not pleasure, not success but only and only good relations gives us happiness.

If we have all these 7 wonders in our life and if we cherish them, then our life will be nothing but beautiful and wonderful life.

7 wonders of life:



Mother is the very first person who welcomes us into this world.

She carries us in her warm womb for 9 months and then gives us birth into this world.

Former Indian President and scientist, Late A. P. J. Abdul Kalam sir said,

“The only time when a mother is happy if her child is crying is when she gives birth to him/her.”

This shows the selfless love and cares that she showers over her child.

Not only she sacrifices for her child but she also teaches him/her some of the most valuable lessons, ethics, and values of life.

She is nothing but a wonder that is irreplaceable and very precious.



If a mother loves you the most then a father cares for you the most.

He is the most misunderstood person but yet he is the one who protects you and the family from everything.

He goes through all the hardship and pain just to bring smile on your face.

Fathers are usually considered strict and tough but they are the most soft-hearted people.

They face the world first hand, they earn and bring the bread and butter and still are blamed for being strict.

They never receive any gratitude and they never expect to receive one and still carry out their responsibility selflessly.

He is a wonder that is not just precious but also simple yet complex.



Wait! What? Siblings? Are you sure?

I know this must be your first reaction after reading the third wonder because it was mine too when I thought about it but they are really a wonder in our life.

They may not be the wonder that we like the most but they definitely are a wonder that teaches us to share and care.

And this lesson and value of sharing and caring are very important for a beautiful and happy life.

I am sure that you must have fought for many things with your siblings but at the same time you must have given up many things just to see them happy and joyful.

The relationship between siblings is of care and love and fight and war.

You can beat them, fight with them even you can bully them but if someone else says a word to them then that person is your enemy.

This shows the care and love we have for our siblings (at least in childhood, :P).



Many people say many things about friendship but for me, friendship is mutual respect, trust, and understanding.

If you and your friend don’t respect each other, trust each other or understand each other then it is not a long lasting friendship.

Friendship is a relation that we many based on our bond with that person.

It is not mandatory that you and your friends should share the same taste and opinions but even with different views you still respect and accept each other and this is what friendship is.

It teaches us to respect each other even though we have differences.

It is a wonder that if valued can be the best wonder of your life.


Love is the wonder that I think none of us will ever want to be deprived of.

Love is when we start to care, understand and sacrifice for that person.

Love is not just related to one person it is related to everyone whom you cherish for being part of your life.

Love is of many forms but the purest and the strongest of love is where there is only care, concern and no expectations in the return.

Love makes us realize the value of sacrifice and compromise for someone else.

This wonder called love is the wonder that can give you the motivation, power, and strength that you ever want to achieve something.

Love is a very strong emotion and character in life.


wonders of life

Children and especially your own children are the ones that teach us the simple yet very true meaning of life and that is to rejoice every moment and be happy.

They make us understand the pain, love, care, affection, and joy that our parents must have felt for us.

They make us understand the trues value of selfless sacrifice and compassion for someone.

Their innocence and pure heart make us melt over and over again for them.

They really are a true wonder for everyone.


wonders of life

Grandchildren are the ones for whom you want to live all over again.

You see a beautiful relation of father, mother, children, sibling, friends and love all in front of you.

You understand their true essence as you have lived your life experience the different aspects of it and then when you see your grandchildren you want to live it all over again.

They bring back the energy and joy for living in you and make you do anything for them.

To conclude these 7 wonders of life, all I want to say is that life is uncertain and that is the beauty of it.

Shed all your love, care and affection on your closed ones because no tomorrow is promised and no today can be taken away.

You only have today and make the most of it.

I hope you liked this post of 7 wonders of life.

Do share your views in the comments section and I will be happy as always to hear from you.

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