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Wait! What?

What kind of post is this that says to stop living?

Strange, confusing and negative right?

Well not.

I guarantee by the end of the post you too will agree with me.

So let’s start the post…

Do you think during the weekdays that when the weekend will come, so that you can rest, relax and not work?

Do you work throughout the year just to get a vacation abroad?

Do you work like hell so that you can have a peaceful retirement someday?

If yes, I say stop living. 

stop living

Yes, because this mentality will take you nowhere and you will not achieve anything.

What if I tell you there is no weekend, no vacation and no retirement?

Will you stop working? Will you stop making efforts for your goal?

Because that is the truth. There is no weekend, no vacation and no retirement.

You should not live for it. You should not desire it.

You should be able to become so peaceful that your daily life, your each and every day should be a working day, a holiday, a vacation and a retirement day.

Confused? Let’s break it down.

Why not live for weekends, holidays and retirements? What’s wrong with it?

The first and most important problem is that this tendency takes us into the future and away from the present and this is not good for us.

Further, because of this mentality, we postpone today’s rest, today’s peace and today’s desires to tomorrow’s weekend, tomorrow’s vacation and tomorrow’s retirement.


Moreover, this creates a big imbalance in our life. We work from Monday to Friday like hell and on weekends we rest like hell.

So we waste two important days of our week fully resting and we waste 5 important days of the week without resting.

I am not saying resting or relaxing is wrong, what I am saying is the imbalance is dangerous.

We should rest at our own will. If we feel exhausted we should rest immediately and should not wait for any weekend or holiday to come.

If we cannot relax when we are in need of it then what is the use of our living?

Also, this habit makes us waste our weekend. Some people wake up late during weekends, sleep late at night, go to beaches and drink like hell and when they return to work on Monday, they are not in the zone of working.

work stress

So this complete switch from work state to relax state and back to work state at extreme levels is imbalance and is the cause of mental and physical imbalance.

What to do?

The answer is simple.

Stop living for weekends, vacations or retirements, and start living each and every day to it’s fullest.

Because as I have said in my other posts,

“No tomorrow is promised and no today can be taken away.”

So live in today. Do work with your full potential and when you are exhausted rest immediately. If you feel like taking a vacation take immediately and do not wait for the right time to occur.

Because this is the right time.

Every day is a workday and every day is a holiday, it’s up to you how you make it.

For some people, weekends are more productive than weekdays because they manage their mental and physical energies likewise.

Miracle Morning

Life is all about balance and this imbalance of weekdays and vacations is taking away that balance from life.

When I say stop living, it does not literally mean to stop living. It means to stop living for the wrong reasons and to start living for the more right and optimistic reasons.

I hope now you agree with the title of the post as I promised at the start.

Let me know your views about the same in the comments section and I will be happy as always to hear from you.

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