power of association

The power of association

Association is the connection or the togetherness of two or more things.

We have been taught since childhood that we should be in good company if we want to prosper in life.

Our parents tried to impress the importance of association in our minds so that we choose to be in the right and correct association.

It is not until recently when I truly understood the importance or power of association.

Waterdrop and the power of association

As I said I became more receptive and aware of the importance of association when I heard this example.

The example goes as follows:

If a water drop is dropped on a hot pan, the water drop evaporates immediately.

In other words, when a water drop comes in the association of a hot pan, it gets destroyed.

If the same water drop is dropped on a leaf or a flower petal, it enhances the beauty of that leaf or flower petal and then drops softly on the ground or lake.

In other words, when a water drop comes in the association with a leaf or flower petal it beautifies it.

And if the same water drop gets settled in the oyster, it becomes a pearl, one of the most precious jewels on Earth.


That is, when a water drop comes in association with an oyster, it becomes a pearl.

Did you get the power of association from this example?

The same water drop just with a difference in its association changes the entire outcome for that water drop.

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The power of association

power of association

Association is not just power because it defines your current mindset and future outcomes, but also because it can be managed as per our will.

In the above example, the water drop does not have an option to chose an association for it.

But in our case, we can willingly choose our association and thus determine our future outcomes.

A fire in the association with water cannot continue to exist for it to continue to exist, it needs oxygen.

It is very rightly said that,

We are an average of the 5 people we daily associate with.

If you want to be a businessman you cannot choose to associate or be around employees or servants and have a business mindset.

You will have to choose an association that compliments your goals and objectives and your path.

You have to make harsh choices to give up the comforting association and choose the right (uncomfortable) association.

You yourself have seen many examples where a person was very successful and happy but all of a sudden he/she lost everything due to some bad habits like drinking, drugs, etc that they did with their friends/close one. Thus showing the results of the wrong association.


And at the same time, you may have also seen that a not so good person suddenly started flourishing in his/her life because of having the right mindset and habits. Thus showing the results of the right association.

In the end, all I would like to say is to choose your association wisely and cautiously.

Because the association that you choose to be in today defines what you will be tomorrow.

I hope you like this post and any feedback from you will be very helpful.

I would also like to know your experiences where you may have encountered or experienced the power/impact of the association.

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