What is your dream?

What is your Dream?

“Motivating people and making a difference in their life by encouraging them to overpower their obstacles and achieve their true potential.”

This is my dream.

What is your dream?

Rarely asked questions?

No, I think it is a never asked question.

People nowadays only talk about debts, loans, falls, duties, responsibilities, decent job and much more but no one talks about dreams. Not theirs, not ours.

In our daily busy life we are so consumed in our job, business, responsibilities, and duty that we have forgotten our dreams.

And no one else reminds us because they too have forgotten their dreams.

What is a dream?

live your dreams

First of all, a dream is not a goal, aim or target.

Usually, people misunderstand and misinterpret their goals with their dreams.

A dream is not a place to be or something to achieve but an emotion, freedom, and peace to attend and live.

A clear difference between a dream and a goal is that a goal urges you to work hard and once its achieved jump to the next one, while a dream urges you not only to work hard but also to live it when its fulfilled and never to shed it to achieve something else.

Dreams are never thought with the obligations of ifs and buts. They are never just an option but they are the priority and purpose.

Dreams are not those which we see with close eyes and born out of fantasies, but rather dreams are those and only those that are seen with open eyes.

Dreams don’t let you sleep until they are fulfilled.

Dreams are seen and decided from a pure intent and without any thoughts of ifs and buts.

So, I ask again:

What is your Dream?

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Why did we stop?

Never Stop Dreaming

All of us can agree that as a young child, a teenager we had a lot of dreams but now as grownups, we have none.

What happened because of which we stopped fetching our dreams?

We grew up, we faced the harsh world, we have a burden of responsibilities and some other reasons are the answers of many of us.

But the truth is that there are still some people who live in the same world as we do but are still fetching their dreams and trying to fulfill them.

Then how come they are still able to fetch their dreams and not us while living in the same world and circumstances?

The answer is simple but bitter, their dreams have always been a priority for them while we have kept our dreams always in the bottom and optional list.

Know your dream?


You may have one or many desires but you will have only and only one dream.

You may misinterpret your desires, wishes, and goals as dreams but they are not.

You will need to observe and analyze your own thoughts to identify and know your own dream.

It’s OK if you don’t know it now, it will take some time or even a lot of time but one day if you are sincerely trying to find your dream, you will find it and from that day your journey towards it can begin.

How to fulfill our dream?

Dreams come true

Once you know your dreams there are only two basic habits that you will need to endeavor and fulfill your dreams: Discipline and Consistency.

It is rightly said that:

Discipline and consistency always overpower talent.

We see a lot of talented unsuccessful people but you cannot find a single disciplined and consistent person unsuccessful.

If you put in efforts to fulfill your dream with discipline and consistency then no one can stop you from fulfilling it.

Only the time it will take to fulfill it will be the matter of the process.

Dream Big

I really wish and hope that you already know or soon become aware of your own dream and start making efforts to fulfill it.

Because we have got only one life, one short life, to do whatever we want and we should not waste it doing what others like and want and should try to fulfill our own dream.

I hope you learned something today, you took away something good from this post.

Let me know your dream in the comments section.

I am all ears.

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