7 habits to cultivate during the lockdown

The world is terrified with coronavirus/COVID-19 disease and there is nothing enough we can do to condemn it.

We at national and world levels have already heard a lot many things and are to some extent feed up now with the daily intake of negativity and sorrow.

While it is a fact that the world is facing a hazardous situation but it is also true that there is always some good even in the worst situation.
Then there is good too in this situation.

While we have till now focused on the part of the cup which is empty let’s now take a look at the part of the cup that is still full.

The cup is still half full


The major good outcomes of this pandemic disease is for our mother earth.

While we humans are staying at home, our mother earth is recovering from environmental issues like pollution and global warming at a very surprising space.

This shows the capacity that the environment around us holds to recover if we allow it to breathe.

Within a few weeks, I can see that the sparrows and other birds are singing again in the morning which I remember last experiencing in my childhood.

The greenery is back, the climate is experiencing a good change and whatnot.

I am surprised at an unexplainable level by this show of our environment.
This being said, as we are lockdown in our house we are now full of time and do not know what to do with it.

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So, here are 7 habits that I would recommend you to cultivate during this lockdown period to make this time count good for you.

I call them 7 wonder habits as they built different parts of your personality and together with your whole personality.

Based on your current habits and time you can try to cultivate some or all these habits (I will recommend all).

There is no constraint to follow the sequence (because I myself haven’t written them in sequence), just go with the sequence that suits best for you to cultivate all these 7 habits.

The 7 wonder habits

Miracle Morning


You may have heard from almost everyone that exercise is very important for our healthy life.

This can never be more true than in today’s time.


Because while we are locked into our homes, our physical movement has narrowed down to almost zero and this may result in serious physical issues in the future.


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I am not asking you to do an intense workout, a small walk inside the house, some push-ups, jumping, stretching or yoga should be very much in these times.

Also if you can do an intense workout, don’t hold back.


While exercising will give you physical movements and strength, in these times we all do need mental stability and calmness.

This can not be more accurately achieve but by doing meditation.
How much ever you deny but these negative thoughts not just about your health but about the future of you and your family will haunt you in these times.


Meditation will help you check and remove all the negativity that you may be experiencing now due to coronavirus disease.

Meditation will also calm you down and help you open your mind and think clearly which may be very useful in these times.


While you are locked down, it won’t harm to extend the horizons of your knowledge in any direction and what better than reading.

You may choose anything to read but I would recommend you include some personality development books in your reading stock as they will help you to experiment and learning some crucial personality changes that may surprise people after this disease is defeated.

As we all know due to lockdown the purchase of physical books is almost not feasible so I recommend to go for ebooks.

You can prefer Amazon Audible as I use it and it is some of the best gifts of modern technology.

Strengthen your bonds:

Accept it or not this lockdown is a blessing in disguise if you use it to strengthen the bonds within your family.

We and our family always condemn and complain about not having any or enough time to spend with our family.


Now here we have all the time we wished for and if we don’t use it well we will again complain in the future.

So use this time to strengthen the bonds within your family, show love and care towards each other, appreciate whatsoever the other member is doing good, share your feelings with each other, play, fight and stay together.

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Don’t just hold the mobile, TV, laptop or any other screen all the time, keep the screen away and laugh and enjoy yourself with your family.

Sharpen your skills:

As we all know that after this coronavirus disease is defeated, we will have to go back to work and there will be a lot of competition as the world will be pushed into recession and economic depression.


But if you use this time right and work on yourself and your skills then you will be a hard choice to let go.

Start learning and developing yourself.

Go back to your hobbies:

I guarantee you have or may have had some hobby in some point of time in your life.

You still have those hobbies or with the time you may have lost connection with those hobbies.


This is the right time to go back to your hobbies because hobbies are the things that we like and are connected to long back from our childhood.

So if we perform them in these times not only we will experience happiness and joy but also will have your hobbies back that may stay will you in the future.


In these hard times, people around you may find it difficult to stay motivated and inspired.

power of association

They may feel homesick, they may feel terrified due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation around the world or anything else that may bring them down emotionally.

You can motivate them, inspire them and help them see the light.

I hope these 7 wonder habits help you to see the positive side and make the most of this time.

Stay home. No chance to coronavirus.

Stay Safe.

Stay at home.

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