The one good thing that coronavirus taught me

Coronavirus or COVID-19, the first pandemic disease ever experienced by the 21st-century generation.

It is the worst situation ever faced by any of us and has already cost us millions of lives and no one knows how much more will it cost us.

The whole world is mentally and emotionally exhausted by this pandemic disease.


It has raised huge questions on our resources, planning, and readiness.

While the world was happy in its fantasy, this disease came and shattered it like broken glass.

Today we are following social distancing, lockdowns, quarantines just to break the chain of this disease and overcome this disaster.

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While there is plenty of negative to talk about but I would like to talk about one good thing that coronavirus has taught me or rather coronavirus made me realize this truth.

The one good thing

The world is changing

The one good thing that coronavirus disaster has made me aware of is that there is no tomorrow promised.

Yeah, I know what you will think that this you all know and we all are aware of this thing.

But are you really aware?

Knowing and being aware are two different things.

I also knew this for very long but I never thought it was a big deal and I am sure most of us would have not even given it a thought.

We always plan for the future, we always have some anxiety about our future. And this seems normal to us.

We try to prepare ourselves by taking insurance for all the possible situations that we may end up in the future.

But the truth is we can never be fully prepared for what tomorrow may bring to us and that is what this disease has taught us.

We are so busy planning and thinking about the future that we waste all our today’s.

We always keep the money for tomorrow, we always push the vacation for tomorrow, we save the bread for tomorrow, we save enjoyment, happiness and everything for tomorrow.

Tomorrow which is not promised.

We do the same in our relationships, we never try to make efforts to bound as we are so busy today and push it for tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes.

This coronavirus disease has made me so uncertain about tomorrow that all I do is live in today and I think most of you may also have started living the same way knowingly or unknowingly during this lockdown.

tomorrow starts today

We as the whole world are not at all sure what will happen next when this disease will go, when and if our lives will go back to normal again and many more uncertainties.

So this forces us to live and plan only for today.

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I don’t know if you have ever given it a thought or not but our lives will never be the same after this disease is defeated.

We will never be able to nullify the effects of this disease.

As this disease has brought us closer to our reality, we should now at least start living in the present.

We should only be concerned and interested in our today’s life, today’s bread, today’s possibility, opportunity, and outcomes.

When we live today we feel more closer to living, we are in the present and fully aware and in control of our actions because we are free of any anxiety and concerns about tomorrow.

Live today and only today because no tomorrow is promised.

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