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Laughing out loud, rolf, hahaha, hehe, smiling, jumping out of joy, etc, etc….

These are the normal expressions of happiness that we know.

But does this mean that the person expressing these gestures is really happy?

Sometimes yes but SOMETIMES NO.

Sometimes people just pretend to be happy while they are not happy at all.

Also, are these the only ways or expressions through which happiness can be expressed?

I think not.

But don’t we always consider a laughing person as happy and a silent person as sad or troubled?

Yes, we do and this is what this post is going to be all about.

What is happiness?


For a baby, sleeping, having food, and sleeping is happiness.

For a child, playing, no school, no homework, etc is happiness.

For a teenager some money, freedom to do whatsoever he/she wants to do, cherishing friends is happiness.

The point is happiness is different for each one and thus the meaning is also different for each one.

But the core is the same.

Anything or something that makes us feel alive gives us happiness.

Rest all are pleasures.

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Holding your own baby for the first time is the real happiness, getting a hug from your mother is happiness, getting taught by your father is happiness.

Family mother

Happiness is when you feel nothing but happy, when you are relaxed, peaceful, and living the very present moment.

If you think back about your life then you will be able to think of very few, very very few moments of such deep happiness and then you will realize that rest all emotions or feelings were just pleasure or not really happiness.

The difference is simple, getting your college degree is not happiness. When your parents admire it and maybe cry out of joy that very moment is happiness.

Is happiness always expressed out loudly?


That is the very question that I thinking of which ended me writing this post.

Happiness, as I said, is considered happiness when we laugh, jump high, or shout out.

But can’t happiness be silent and peaceful and just a smile within.

Yes, it can be and I think that happiness is more worthwhile than we express out loud.

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Let’s see go back to the degree and parents’ example.

As I said getting a college degree is not happiness. Your parents admiring it and maybe crying out of joy is happiness.

But think and tell me will you express this happiness by laughing out loud or jump high or just by hugging your parents or smiling while they admire you?

I think most of you (rather all of you) will choose a hug or a smile.

And this should make you realize that true and deep happiness numbs us. It makes us just living that very moment without even showing or expressing anything and just taking all of that moment.


And such moments stay all in you for the rest of your life.

So if someone is laughing, cheering, and jumping high can still be unhappy while someone sitting silent and clam yet can be the happiest amongst the people around.

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We should not set norms for expressing not just happiness but any feelings for that matter because everyone’s feelings and their way of expressing it is his/her own choice.

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