mental health

Mental health


Whenever you hear, read or write this word the things that come to your mind are the gym, yoga, jogging, etc, etc.

All related to physical health.

No one and I mean it no one of you must be thinking of your mind or your emotions whenever you come across the word HEALTH.

Because we do not think that our mind needs care, it needs nourishing or it needs exercise.

We ignore to accept that it too can have issues.

While most of us are physically fine, mentally we all are too weak.

We are one blow away from a breakdown, depression, and anxieties.

What is mental health?

mental health

Mental health is the well being of your mind.

The balance needs to be maintained for us to be in a good state.

Mental health is being aware and in check of your thoughts, emotions, and reactions.

To observe your thoughts and understand if they are constructive or destructive and if destructive then try to work on them to get better.

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Why mental health?

Our body is the best machinery ever know to mankind.

And our mind is the controller of it.

While we try to be careful and concerned about the physical well being of our body, the mental well being is what we ignore.

In today’s world, we are very vulnerable to get damaged mentally.

Anxiety, regret, guilt, worry, social pressure, low self-esteem, self-pity, self-criticism, and what not can hit our mental health hard and devastate it.

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Scientists believe that most of the health issues that average personal faces are more related to mental health rather than physical.

Still, most of us never care about our mental health.

We do not understand the importance of our mental well being and its large scale impact on our physical well being.

How to take care of our mental health?


Mental health is purely based on the thought, emotions, and feelings that we have within ourselves.

So no one but us and only we can work on it and take care of it, unlike a physical issue.

We should be cautious and aware of the thoughts that we have in our mind and try to stay on the positive side.

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Situations in life may put you down or push you in the dark end but you have to bring yourselves into the light and bright side.

We can control our thoughts and emotions but for that first, we have to become aware that we can control them.

We have to be in control and in command pf our brain.

Mental health is very important for each and every one of us and we should take time and work ln our mental well being.

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