Who is your Best Friend?

Friends or rather best friends are very close to us.

We always want them with us and we have very fond memories of them.

We cherish spending time with them and we are our own selves with them.

In this post, you will find your best friend, and not just a best friend but a best friend forever.

This best friend will not only be with you in each and every situation but will help you fight through it and give you all the hope and courage you will ever need.

best friend

This best friend will help you fight your anxieties, your insecurities will know all your secrets but will never use against you.

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Whether you are introvert or extrovert, party person or nerd, have friends or not, I guarantee that this person will be just like you and he/she will definitely become your best friend.

This best friend is the one whom you have been looking for like forever and when you know who this is, you will feel like he/she was all along with you.

Who is this best friend?

Quite curious??

So, the best friend that you always wanted is…


Yes, your yourself can become your very own best friend.

You don’t need anyone else to support you, or to take care of you or to encourage you if you yourself become your very own friend.

And this will be the best relationship that you can ever have.

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It may seems weird or sort of illogical but trust me, once you become your own friend, you will be far better emotionally and mentally.

What does it mean to be your own best friend?


It is very simple.

Treat yourself as you treat your other friends.


Let me explain.

For example, one of your friends is feeling sad or hurt or inferior about himself/herself.

What will you do?

You as a friend will obviously try to make him/her feel better, try to tell them what is wrong about the way they are feeling and will try to cherish them by telling them something good that they have in them.


You have to do the same with yourself, whenever you find yourself upset, sad, or hurt.

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Whenever you need support, don’t look for anyone else, just talk to your very own best friend.

When you talk to this best friend, you don’t have any masks, secrets or hesitation, because you know everything about what you are talking about or feeling.

And the best part is, you cannot lie to yourself.

Truth and only truth will be the base of this relationship and thus it will be a very beautiful relationship.

How to become your own best friend?


Talking to yourself about your own feelings and thoughts feels weird right?

Rather feels uncomfortable and psychic, right?

Well, of course, it will seem that way because it is nowhere close to the so-called “normal” that we know.

So, like any other relationship, you will have to spend time with yourself to build this friendship.

Start with small talks with yourself, like about your day, what was good, what was exciting, what went wrong and some other stuff, the stuff that you can talk with anyone.

Don’t start talking about personal things immediately.

Soon, you will start feeling comfortable or not weird about this and you yourself will start to have more personal and deep talks.

Don’t force yourself to understand yourself immediately, it will take time like any other relationship.

It all depends on how you treat yourself as your best friend.

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Once you have built this relationship, this will be the relationship that you have been looking for whole outside in the world while it was all along with you, within yourself.

Why become your own best friend?


Let’s answer this with a question.

What best friends do?

They support you, they tell you things that are true and not just that is comfortable for you?

They wipe your tears and encourage you, they beat you like hell when you are about to give up, they remind you about the talent, skill, or goodwill that you have.

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They grow with you and they stay with you, they appreciate every small growth you have and they know all your vulnerabilities yet they choose you.

Now, just imagine all this you do to yourself as your best friend.

You accepting yourself the way you are, you tell yourself that is true and not pleasing, you beating yourself and supporting yourself.

Just imagine, how emotionally and mentally strong you will be when you have yourself as your best friend.

As I said at the start of this post, that once you read this post, you will understand that this best friend was all along with you.

Once you have this best friend, your whole life will change and will be in your own control.

Trust me and try this.


  • Thank you one of the best Article about Self realization.what is good for you. When I was a child I always wished I had a trusted.Mentor but never had the opportunity to.find one.
    Your Article about being your own best frien open my eyes and heart.
    Thank you

    • I am glad Rita that this post helped you…
      Please share it with others and help them too… 🙂

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