2020 is not canceled

We have been half past the year 2020 and it still feels like we have done nothing, nothing has happened and nothing is going on.

Except one thing, COVID-19/Coronavirus.

Yes, amongst the things that come to our mind about the year 2020, COVID-19/coronavirus is certainly one of them.

Many people have declared this year as canceled, they have called it the year of the virus, black year, and whatnot.


We see negativity about this year in the whole world and they are not wrong because COVID-19 has hit us so hard that it is difficult to think any positive about this.

But it is not impossible.

We should see look at this year with a bright perspective because it is in the darkest of times when a little light is the brightest.

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So, What if 2020 isn’t canceled?

What if it is the most important year of our life?

What if it is the year we needed?

What if it is the year we have been waiting for?

2020 is the year we needed

The above lines motivated me to change my whole thoughts about this year.

It represents all our struggles so precisely that nothing but a change of thought stricks us.

2020 is not the year we wanted but it is the year we needed. We may know what we want or what we do not want, but we rarely think of what we really need.

This year is the year that we give us the reasons to fight, to improve, and to shine bright if we understand it and work on it.

We should not see the problem that this pandemic has put us in, but rather we should see the opportunity that this pandemic has given us.

opportunity in 2020

An opportunity to bond with our family, an opportunity to rethink and make the best of our whole economical and social system, an opportunity to work hard, an opportunity to rise, an opportunity for the whole world to come together and an opportunity for the whole world to defeat this pandemic and celebrate together.

Nothing is permanent and the same is true for this pandemic, one day we as a world community will be free from it.

But will it matter if we do not learn the lessons from the struggle that this year or this pandemic has brought to us?

2020 is the year that has come to teach us all the hard lessons that we were trying to escape learning from.

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Lessons like importance of global unity, the value of healthcare services, the value of time, the value of life, conservation of nature, the necessity of strong financial sources, the adaptation of technology our work, and many more.


It will also be the best year on a personal level if we make use of it.

Rather than wasting time and doing nothing, work on yourselves, work on your weaknesses.

Learn new skills, enhance your fitness, build your relationships.

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed then talk about it with the people close to you, develop good mental habits that will improve your mental health.

Read our posts about mental health and how to improve it.

mental health

If you do the same things you were doing before this pandemic, your situation will be the same or worse after this pandemic.

But if you make use of this time then you at a personal level and we at the global level can be better versions of ourselves.

And we all will be so proud of the war that we fought together and won together once this pandemic is defeated.

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So, don’t the negativity cover the bright sun of opportunities that this time and these situations have brought to us.

Miracle Morning

2020 is not the year of  virus but it is the year of cure, it is not the year we wanted but it is the year we needed.

It is the bitter medicine that we need to digest to get out of the fever of our comforts and ignorance of reality.

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