mind vs heart

The mind VS the heart

This is the biggest and the toughest battle of everyone’s life. The battle between your heart vs mind.

That everyone faces each day and no matter who loses or who wins, in the end, the consequences of the action that was performed or not performed had to be faced by us.

So today we are going to deep dive into this battle between your heart and mind, and try to understand it together…

First of all, please understand your heart never says anything or does feel anything.

Your brain has two logical parts, conscious and subconscious. One of these is your logical thinking part and the other is the rational, emotional, and pleasure-oriented part. This emotional and pleasure-oriented part is nothing but the heart that we all feel like the second voice inside us.

I would strongly suggest reading this post “Where to start self-awareness?” before proceeding further on this post, as this would help you understand more in-depth about the voices inside us.

But for the sake of this post, we will consider the heart as the other voice inside us which is the rational side of ours.

To being with, let’s understand the characteristics of our heart and our mind and we will understand listening to whom and in what situation, will be more fruitful for us…

Which side favors pleasure and comfort?


Our heart being the rational and emotional side of ours, will always try to talk us out of any situation or action which is uncomfortable.

At the same time, it will always try to drive towards an action or task which results in pleasure.

And we hate our mind for asking us to take action and to do things that are necessary for us to progress in any aspect of life. It put down all the possible reasons for us to take action and work upon something.

Which side never says “NO”?

Saying NO

Your heart never says “NO”.

Yes, you may think this to be a bit of an overstatement but try to observe your heart and you will notice this too.

This is the beauty of our heart and this is why it is dearer to us than our mind because it never says no.

Let’s take an example…

When you want to wake up early in the morning, when the alarm rings, your brain knows that you have to wake up early and do meditation that you have decided to do, while the heart doesn’t want to come out of that comfortable sleep but at the same time doesn’t want to be the bad guy.

So, it will say 5 minutes more…. Nothing more just 5 minutes and that is what we fall for and we end up sleeping for 2 more hours…

Thus, the heart never says no…

On the other hand, our brains make us think logically about everything and we hate it when the logic is against us in our own daily actions…

If you fail it’s only your mistake…


Yes, the heart is only your partner in crime not in the consequences.

Let’s continue the above example of morning alarm to understand this.

Your heart asked you for 5 more minutes and you slept for 2 more hours. But once you are awake, you will feel guilt and heavy-headed all day along because your heart is constantly blaming you for not getting up on time and meditating on what you decided to do.

Where your mind states to forget what has happened in the morning and focus on the current task but the heart doesn’t allow you to do so as it is constantly blaming you.

Still, we blame our mind for being heavy and for not focusing on the current task.

So now to summarize, your heart will always play the good guy while it being the cause of all the procrastination and pleasure seeing behavior we ever have.

Whereas your mind being the logical one will always be the bad guy as you are looking at it from the rational point of view.

But, but, but…

The heart or rather the rational part of our mind is necessary when we want to feel something. When we want to dance our heart out, when we want to have fun when we want to pour our pain out, when we want to deal with our loved ones.

So, in the battle of mind vs heart, we should always favor one side based on the situation.

For every action-oriented and decision-making, we should only listen to the facts and logic of our mind.

And when we want to have fun, when we want to enjoy the evening tea, the night ice cream and when we want to feel nature, we should let our heart take over and enjoy the experiences.

Remember, in the battle between your mind vs heart, the consequences always have to be beard by you and only you.

There is a lot to be discussed around the mind vs heart battle but I will stop here and hope that this post helps you in some way to choose the sides when you are caught in the battle between your mind and your heart…

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