3 Unique Life Lessons that can Change your Life

Today we are going to see in this article three unique life lessons that might change your life forever.

These lessons are not big mental or physical changes that you have to adapt or perform but are small redirections and you will see a huge positive impact on your life because of this.

These impactful and unique life lessons have made my life more meaningful and blissful and that is what I would like to share with you guys today.

Lesson 1: Be accountable and responsible.

Unique Life Lessons number 1

I know what you must be a thing after reading about the lesson that is the so typical elderly advice to be responsible in life.

But I am not saying to be responsible and accountable in that sense only. I mean this in a more broad and wiser way.

Whatever happens in our life, your life, my life, we ourselves, and only we ourselves are responsible for it. We should hold only and only ourselves accountable for our own lives and should blame no one else for the good or bad that is happening in it.

Not our parents, not our friends, not our teachers, not our special ones, not our situations, not our circumstances, no none of them are responsible for the failure that we faced today or the setback that we have in our life.


We keep blaming others for the things that are happening to us in our life. We keep running from the truth. We keep findings reasons and excuses for the failure in our life to blame others and only others. We have a very good enough explanation to blame others for every setback in our life.

But the day when we start telling ourselves the truth, the day we start being accountable and responsible for our lives and for each and everything that is happening in them, is the day we actually start living it and taking control of it.

When we start being responsible for our life, our actions, and the outcomes, we start to think and do things that will yield better results, and thus in the chain reaction we make our life better and more meaningful.

Lesson 2: Instant Gratification.

Unique Life Lessons number 2

This is one of the most important things that we should understand, accept and do something about: INSTANT GRATIFICATION.


It is the instant pleasure that we run behind that we get after doing the action whether it is beneficial for us or not.

The biggest example of this is SOCIAL MEDIA. We decide to just check updates on Facebook or Instagram for 5 minutes and end up spending hours on it.

We just go online to check the score of the match and end up watching it for the next few hours. We decide to just watch one episode of a series and end up binge-watching the whole season.

Social Media Platforms

This is what instant gratification is and it is harming us a lot. We divert our attention and efforts from the important and necessary stuff and perform these silly tasks that are not necessary nor beneficial to us in any way.

We seek comfort in the present and don’t think anything about the future.

If we just focus on finding comfort in the present moment, we will not be able to achieve anything in the future.

We should believe in the process and follow it and work on it. This process is very boring and mundane but this way it is and that’s the way it will be fruitful.

We have to follow the process if we have to be successful.

Lesson 3: Understand the power of compounding.

Unique Life Lessons number 3

Compounding is the most powerful force in the universe. Compounding is the eighth wonder of the world. It is either working for you or against you. That’s all.

It is definitely working around you but it is either working for you or against you.

Understand the power of compounding and this I am not saying just in terms of finance but in every aspect of life. Good or bad, the law of compounding applies in every aspect of life.

Let me explain.

You are eating junk food today; you are eating it every day. You will not fall sick tomorrow or in the next few weeks but you will see its impact on your health in a few years. That’s the law on compounding.

You are wasting your time today, you are not taking action today, you will not fail tomorrow but in a few years, you are supposed to fail. That’s the law of compounding.


If you waste your money today, you will not be poor tomorrow but you will be breaking in a few years and that’s again the law of compounding showing its effect.

I gave all the bad examples of compounding because bad things tend to stay in our memory and I really wish that each and every one of you remember and understand the power of compounding and make it work for you.

Start working today with small steps and with the power of compounding you will be successful in the coming years. Start doing exercise today and in a few years, your health will be better. Start investing today and in a few years, you will be better financially.

Here also the same law of compounding is working with you and for you.

I hope these three unique life lessons do have positive and meaningful changes in your lives and you achieve each and every goal that you have set for yourself.

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