What is stopping you?

If something is holding you back, read this post and I am sure you will have no more excuses that will stop you from moving ahead.

A farmer had 3 donkeys and was taking them for sale to the market. On the way, he saw a river and thought of taking a bath in it.

3 donkeys

There was an issue though. He only had two ropes and thus would be able to tie only two of the three donkeys to the trees.

“How to tie the third one?” He wondered.

He then saw a man around and approached him to ask for a piece of rope that would help him tie the third donkey to the trees.

The other man did not have a piece of rope but heard the farmer’s problem and gave a wise suggestion.

He said “Tie the two donkeys to the trees with the two pieces of ropes that you have and make sure that the third donkey is watching it. Then simply pretend to tie the third one.”

The farmer followed the man’s advice and tied the donkeys as suggested by him. He then went into the river for the bath.

When he came back, he saw that all three donkeys were in place. They were exactly on the same spot where he left them. He thanked the other man for his advice.

He untied the two donkeys and patted the third donkey so it starts moving as well.

After moving some further, the farmer was surprised when he noticed that the third donkey was still standing close to the tree and hadn’t moved a bit.

He shouted at the donkey, patted him again, pushed him but all in vain. The donkey didn’t move a bit and stayed in the same spot.

Helpless, the farmer looked again for the other man who helped him earlier.

The other man asked him whether he untied the third donkey?

The farmer astonishingly replied, “Untie? but I never tied him up in the first place.”

The other man said, “You know that the donkey doesn’t. He still thinks that he is tied to the tree with the rope that you pretended to tie”

The farmer then again pretended to untie the donkey and to his surprise, the donkey moved immediately and jump close to his friends, the other two donkeys.

What’s holding us back?

What’s holding us back from achieving our goals, from doing what we want, from being successful?

Is it lack of opportunities, lack of resources, or lack of support?


Are we tied up by the imaginary ropes of fears, doubts, and hesitation?

imaginary problems

Yes, we certainly need to work on the external parameters that are needed for our success. Those are needed to achieve our goals in the outside world.

But what is more important is to untie the mental blockages that we have created over the years to limit ourselves.

These imaginary ropes are stopping us from moving ahead, they are holding us in the same mental spot as the imaginary rope was holding the donkey. In reality, there is nothing that can stop us if we believe in ourselves and our goals.

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