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The 4 important laws of GROWTH

In life, our direction is channelized by the day-to-day habits that we possess. We should have our own set of rules and disciplines that we follow in order to walk on the path that we intend to. Some call these ethics; some call these values. Whatsoever you call it but it helps you to live a better and more meaningful life.

If we observe successful people closely, we will be able to observe some common behaviors in them, and from that, we can take some pointers for ourselves.

In this post, I am going to put down 4 important laws of growth that each and every one of us should follow if we want to move ahead in life.

So, read it through and make the most of this article.

Law of Growth #1: Speak less.

Law of Growth: Speak Less

Yes. The first of the 4 laws of growth is speaking less.

Speak less about what we want to do, speak less about what we are planning to do, and speak less about how big our dreams are. We should let only and only our actions and the results speak for us.

And it is not only necessary for respect but it is good for our own energy saving. The energy that we waste in speaking more can be conserved and put forth to use in our actions.

We don’t always need to tell people about what we are up to or what we are planning to do. Let our results do the talking.

People always respect a person of action more than a person of words. They will notice you more if they see your action before they hear about your plan or goal.

Most of the successful people, the great achievers talk less than they work, They talk less than they have achieved.

Best Quote: speak less

We will rarely find them talking more than they have achieved.

And if you think about it logically, you will understand the irony of those people who talk more than they work.

How can one be great, if they are talking more than they are doing? If their results are less than their words.

That is not greatness or success. Its ignorance and arrogance.

Talk less. Do more. Let your results speak for you.

Law of Growth #2:  Listen More.

Law of Growth:  Listen More

You cannot learn if you do not LISTEN. You cannot GROW if you do not learn.

So, learn to listen more. Learn to understand more. Learn to listen more attentively.

Listen with purpose and intention to get something out of every conversation you have. If a conversation is not adding to what you already know then it is not a worthy conversation to have.

If you really wish and are intending to be as successful and as great as you want to be then you should be an eternal learner. A passionate and attentive listener.

Best Quote: Listen and Learn

You should be a student of life. You should have a curiosity of a child. The kind of curiosity that makes you stay present in each and every moment as it is.

Being a good listener will also make your observation skills improve. You will notice and observe things that others do not and that will give an advantage to you.

Take in advice from the best teachers and learn from the failures of others. We literally can learn from everyone and everything in life. From great failure and from the greatest of achievements.

Pay attention. Listen more. Understand more. To be more.

Law of GROWTH #3: React Less.

Law of GROWTH: React Less.

The less you react the better you can respond.

Don’t jump to conclusions and let your emotions take over you.

You have to discipline your emotions and reactions to every person, every situation, and every circumstance in your life.

Discipline gives your power and this is especially true when it comes to controlling your emotions.

There is an important quote that says:

“One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm.”

meditation helps to stay calm

When it all seems too hard, remain calm. When it all seems too good, remain calm. Don’t overreact, don’t over celebrate. Master clam.

Practice being calm in every situation. Look at every situation objectively and calmly so that you can respond effectively and consciously.

As the saying goes:

“Learn to discipline your emotions, because if you don’t, your enemies will use them against you…”

Law of GROWTH #4: Observe More.


The final of the laws of growth is, Observe more. The closure you observe, the better your understanding, and the better your understanding, the better your decisions will be.

Pay close attention to those who you admire. The people who are living a life similar to that you want to live.

Pay close attention to the teaching that you want to master, to the lessons that you want to learn.

The principles that you want to follow, the skills and habits that you want to develop.

Observe what works and what doesn’t work in your own life. Pay attention and observe yourself.

How do you feel mentally and physically after all events or circumstances? Observer, evaluate, and make changes accordingly.

Observe more. Understand well.

Take action. Start now.

Finally, the principle to make use of these 4 laws of GROWTH that one must add to the recipe is TAKE ACTION.

As one said,

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

If we want to do anything in life it’s not coming to you while we sit on your hands.

Get up, get out there and get it. Make a decision that you want it and do whatever it takes to get it.

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