No one kicks the dead dog

Have you ever been kicked? Not literally but metaphorically?

Have you ever been unjustly criticized?

I am sure you must have been because we all live in the same world, same society and thus we cannot be saved from unjust criticism.

Unjust criticism is one of the most affecting and disturbing aspects of our life which brings too much negativity, like self-doubt, low self-esteem, mental disturbance, irritation, and much more, if not dealt with properly.

But we can decide and work upon how we respond to it and how we let it affect us.

That’s what we are going to do here today.

But first, let’s understand what type of criticism I am trying to talk about.

There is one type of criticism that comes along our way which helps us identify and understand our mistakes and shortcoming and makes us improve ourselves and that constructive criticism we should never avoid.

But there is another set of criticism, which is not justified, which has no logic behind it, no reasoning, and is just intended to condemn you which is the unjust criticism that we are going to deal with here today.

So, whenever you have been unjustly criticized or kicked, have you ever thought about why you? Why are you being criticized?

I hope you have thought about it but must have got different reasons for each unjust criticism you must have faced.

But here I will give you one single most important and the only reason for which you are being unjustly criticized every time. The reason lies in the below phrase:


The one thing that has ever led to any unjust criticism towards you or anyone else is that you have something, or you have achieved something that is significant and worth attention which is thus getting both good and not good responses.



You are the DOG that is alive and worth kicking. Because kicking you, and criticizing you give others a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Because you or your action or your achievement is significant according to them.

They feel like they have criticized someone who is significant and thus they themselves are more significant than you.

So unjust criticism towards you states only one thing about you that you are in the spotlight, you are significant enough to get attention, you are alive and thus the unjust criticism is thrown towards you.

You can do nothing to stop it and the only thing in your hand is to change your attitude and response towards it. You can let go and ignore these unjust criticisms. You can even take it as a compliment.

You can shift your focus. Rather than focusing on these unjust criticisms, focus on the constructive criticisms, focus on the improvement, and focus on the good part.

With success, with life comes unjust criticism and you and I can nothing to stop it but just can ignore it and focus on our work and continue to improve in it and let our work, our success be itself a response to them.

Again, NO ONE KICKS A DEAD DOG, and if you are being kicked (metaphorically only), if you are being unjustly criticized, then you should consider it as a sign of your significance and ignore it.

I hope after reading this post you will not get affected by unjust criticism and will not allow it to disturb you mentally. And rather you will look at it as a positive sign of your significance and take it as a compliment.

I would really like to hear from you about how you handled or dealt with unjust criticisms thrown in your way and how you rose above them.

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