Know your worth

What is your worth? Are you worth achieving something or nothing? Have you ever thought of what are your abilities, capabilities, and strengths? And if yes, have you ever questioned yourself if you are at the right place based on your own...

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power of association

The power of association

Association is the connection or the togetherness of two or more things. We have been taught since childhood that we should be in good company if we want to prosper in life. Our parents tried to impress the importance of association in our...

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distance away


Wait! What? What kind of post is this that says to stop living? Strange, confusing and negative right? Well not. I guarantee by the end of the post you too will agree with me. So let’s start the post… Do you think...

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7 wonders of life

Life itself is a wonder and it is the most precious gift that each and every one of us has received. But there are certain things, relations and people in our life without which this wonderful life is incomplete. I will try to put forth 7 wonders...

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